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Personalized internship in Russian or English languages -

best combination of work and cultural experience.

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How it all works?

A simplified application procedure and deep understanding of candidate's requirements.

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Immerse in Russian culture

through organised social and cultural activities.

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Tailor-made internships and language programs in Russia (Saint-Petersburg and Moscow)

We help international students and recent graduates to get an overwhelming professional experience in the requested field and combine it with complete immersion in Russian culture by means of language studies and social activities.


We are passionate about what we do and years of experience empower us to promise you guaranteed results: tailor-made globally relevant internship matching your background, skills and career goals.

Individual approach

Whatever internship field you are interested in we can guarantee you an internship placement in accordance with your application form. We will choose a company from our data base or find a new company especially for you.

Language practice

Improve your Russian by learning the language in our strictly selected partner schools and get involved in a Russian-speaking community.

Cultural immersion

You will be provided a great variety of cultural and social activities to gain a real life experience and feel Russian hospitality.

Comfort and safety

Carefully selected accommodation, Visa assistance, minimum bureaucracy, on-site orientation upon arrival, 24/7 support during your whole stay in Russia.


Upon completion of the program you will get an internship certificate and a letter of recommendation. Request about credits additionally.

Check out what our ex-interns say

David Angelo Ponente BE

My internship involved international business and translation. During the three months of this job experience, I translated their website into Spanish and Italian and contributed to create advertisements for targeted audiences. Once everything was prepared, I had to manage clients from South Amer...

Program: Individual internships
20.05.2018 Read review

Alaïs Phillippine Stéphanie Riglet FR

First of all,  thank you for the wonderful opportunity that you offered me, to work at Wine Business field. You actually found the perfect training for me. That was a great experience with new challenges for me, a real step forward my career. About Internship So first of all, abou...

Program: Individual internships
20.04.2018 Read review

Giorgia Nocera IT

I had the opportunity to do my internship in a Russian communication agency and, in particular, I was involved in an exciting project in the fashion field.  My main tasks were about social media marketing and strategies. My tutor was the marketing manager of the company and she was very k...

Program: Individual internships
26.03.2018 Read review

Carlo Malpezzi IT

I have been experiencing Russia for quite some time so far; I never concentrated too much about stereotypes since I walked my first steps in Russia; of course I knew some, but in general I do not get affected by them; I actually find them funny; I was quite curious about Russia because I knew is ...

Program: Individual internships
22.03.2018 Read review

Gratiane Isabelle Andrade Lourenço BE

I did my internship in an institution that takes care of the preservation and of the promotion of the cultural and artistic heritage. My tasks were very diverse as they were executed for different departments. At work, the atmosphere was good and my colleagues, as well as my boss, were sympath...

Program: Individual internships
12.02.2018 Read review

Linda Lavelli IT

My internship was connected with Italian language and culture inside a Russian university. Where I did my internship my toutor and my colleges were very helpful and open, but they also give me freedom during work. During this experience I helped and replaced the teacher, when for some reason they...

Program: Individual internships
18.01.2018 Read review

Thomas Sulmon BE

Having just finished my master in October 2017, I decided to join as other fellow students a program sponsored by the Belgian state in order to get some professional experience abroad. I didn't take long to make my choice: I studied Russian for three years and never got the chance to actually...

Program: Individual internships
18.01.2018 Read review

Nicolas Paermentier BE

Hello everyone! I am Nicolas and I come from Belgium. I decided to come to Saint Petersburg to complete an internship. I’m learning Russian since a while and I wanted to live deeper into a Russian environment. I told to Profintern I would like to work in a place where I can practice Russian...

Program: Individual internships
11.12.2017 Read review

João Alberto Marques Correia Carola PT

My name is Joao Carola and I am a student from Lisbon, Portugal. In the beginning of this year I decided to do an internship in Russia and since then was trying to find different ways to make it come to life. After finding Profintern everything went much simpler – they helped me to get all ...

Program: Individual internships
08.12.2017 Read review

Giada Secchi IT

I had decided to come in Russia not only to improve my language skills, but also to stay in a different work environment. I admit that Russia is completely different from Italy, but after six months I can say that Saint-Petersburg is like my second home. This city help me not only to improve m...

01.12.2017 Read review

Henrique Leoncini BR

I consider my experience in Russia the best investment I already did in my life. I started my journey in an university in south Russia, there I worked hard for months to learn Russian language, but my dream always had been to find an internship, for a few weeks I thought that I would not rea...

Program: Individual internships
24.10.2017 Read review

Guillem Roura Ripoll ES

Hello everyone! My name is Guillem and I am a Master’s student from Spain. I have spent last summer in St. Petersburg working as a CAD designer in a Russian engineering company. The experience was amazing and wouldn’t have been possible without the assistance of Profintern. I got t...

Program: Individual internships
09.10.2017 Read review

William Roberts GB

The internship was overall positive. On the one hand I quite enjoyed it because I had a lot of freedom. All my suggestions as to what I could do  were accepted and I very much set the internship on my terms. The office I was placed in was also very friendly. On the down side I didn't ...

Program: Individual internships
23.09.2017 Read review

Carl Aellen CH

My experience with ProfIntern was a profoundly positive one. I would say ProfIntern is the best place to find an internship in Russia. I had always been interested in Russia, and was given not only the ability to finally go, but also make some productive advances in my professional life and perso...

26.07.2017 Read review

Micol Capena IT

My experience in Saint Petersburg has been wonderful. The city is magical, full of history and culture and really beautiful. It was my second time here, but I would definitely come back in the future as every time I fall in love with the city. The people I met, the food I ate, the ballets I went ...

28.06.2017 Read review
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