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2017-04-25 00:00

Here we post an interview with Karthikeyan Dharmarajan, an intern from India, who came for an internship to Russia with us twice - in 2013th and 2017th. 

 What inspired you to come to Russia for an...

Category: Russia, St. Petersburg
2015-11-17 18:30
Kind Russians

When you type in Google: Why are Russians..., Google automatically gives you three suggestions. The second and third suggestions are two stereotypes on which I catch myself wondering about as well: “Why are...

Category: Russia, St. Petersburg
2015-08-30 12:08
Public transport in Saint-Petersburg

In the previous section we covered a very crucial part of our lives: what to eat and where to buy it. Now we move on with the topic of transportation, as it is important to get from point A to B in Saint-Petersburg ...

Category: Russia, St. Petersburg
2015-08-15 11:06
Feed yourself in Saint-Petersburg

In my previous articles (Arrival to Saint-Petersburg, Saint-Petersburg wonders and Weather in Saint-Petersburg) I was rather looking through the glasses of a tourist who often has only 1-2 weeks time to spend in the...

Category: Russia, St. Petersburg
2015-08-03 08:11
St. Isaac Cathedral in St.Petersburg

After spending four months in Russia, upon returning home every family member and friend raised only two questions: „do you speak Russian already and how could you survive the winter in Russia?” The first...

Category: Russia, St. Petersburg
2015-07-31 12:16
Wonders of Saint-Petersburg

Walking on Nevsky prospect one might get tired of counting the monuments, bridges and canals in the downtown area of Petersburg. With my friends we decided to take a big tour (on foot) to see everything in one day,...

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