Invoice and Payment details

Step one (pre-payment, minimum 8 weeks before the program start): 

Upon receiving your full application form, we send you a letter stating that we received all the necessary information for your internship placement (or ask for clarification). We also attach the invoice based on your ordered services. You must check all the data and if everything is correct, please initiate the pre-payment according to the invoice. According to the Terms the pre-payment includes*:

  1. Internship placement deposit (€300)
  2. The total fee of the booked Russian language course (if any, €500-2500)
  3. One month fee of the booked accommodation (€400-600 approximately) 

Step two (full payment): 

You receive your invitation letter, you apply for visa to Russia and we provide you with an internship placement. You must pay the remaining part of the invoice 14 days before your arrival. The full payment includes*:

  1. Internship placement second installment (€200)
  2. Additional services booked (e.g. transfer, cultural programs)
  3. The remaining price of the accommodation in the invoice

Alternative payment (step one + step two together):

To save money on transfer fees, you can pay the whole sum in one transfer. In this case please pay the total sum of the invoice*.
*All the banking fees (e.g. transfer commission) are paid by the Sender. 

Please indicate the number of the Invoice according to which your payment was done.

  1. All of your payments (STEP1, STEP2 or together) must be confirmed by documents received from your bank, so please send us the payment confirmation as soon as your bank notified you about the successful payment. 
  2. All client payments must be confirmed by documents received from the bank.
  3. All rates are quoted in euros. 

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