Tailor-made internships and language programs in Russia
(Saint-Petersburg and Moscow)

We help international students and recent graduates to get an overwhelming professional experience in the requested field and combine it with complete immersion in Russian culture by means of language studies and social activities. Finding an internship in Moscow has never been so easy!


We are passionate about what we do and years of experience empower us to promise you guaranteed results: tailor-made globally relevant internship matching your background, skills and career goals.

Individual approach

Whatever internship field you are interested in we can guarantee you an internship placement in accordance with your application form. We will choose a company from our data base or find a new company especially for you.

Language practice

Improve your Russian by learning the language in our strictly selected partner schools and get involved in a Russian-speaking community.

Cultural immersion

You will be provided a great variety of cultural and social activities to gain a real life experience and feel Russian hospitality.

Comfort and safety

Carefully selected accommodation, Visa assistance, minimum bureaucracy, on-site orientation upon arrival, 24/7 support during your whole stay in Russia.


Upon completion of the program you will get an internship certificate and a letter of recommendation. Request about credits additionally.

Check out what our ex-interns say

My internship was in an oncological research lab where I worked alongside a team to help them run experiments in a long-term study. I was responsible for setting up and implementing daily experiments, processing samples, and entering data into the database. Before arriving, I had all the classic ...

Program: Individual internships
27.01.2022Read review

My internship was related to the world of agribusiness, especially with the green technologies. Since it was a remote internship, I did not had the opportunity to partake physically in activities but I can say that the company staff was very nice, very helpful and ready to make me feel comfortabl...

Program: Online internship
23.09.2020Read review

ABOUT INTERNSHIP Pi:  What was your internship connected with (field, tasks, industry of a company)? ZZ: I did an internship in an organization that defends LGBTQI+ rights (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans, Queer, intersex, etc.) Pi: What is your general experience about the internship part of ...

Program: Learn Russian and get professional internship in any field
17.01.2020Read review
Axel BFrance

About the internship: I did an internship in an investment banking boutique as a mergers and acquisitions analyst intern. My overall experience is positive. I received a warm welcome on the first day, and the team in my department was very friendly. People get quickly interested in me, and a ques...

Program: Individual internships
21.12.2019Read review

ABOUT INTERNSHIP Pi:  What was your internship connected with (field, tasks, industry of a company)? CG: I worked for a non-profit organization whose focus on the popularization and research about arctic especially the technical and technological history and development of the Russian Arc...

Program: Individual internships, Russian as a foreign Language & Russian Culture
17.12.2019Read review
Maria RodidealMoldova, Republic of

My internship was in an IT company, that builds interfaces for complex and sophisticated digital products. As for the team I was part of, I can only say nice words. From only my first days there, I was treated with respect, they used to answer any of my questions, and they were always happy to help ...

Program: Individual internships
30.11.2019Read review

I came to Russia for an internship in Tourism and Hotels in Saint Petersburg and to explore the Hotel industry through working at a 4 stars Hotel Front Desk. My tasks were: Support the productivity of the Front Office Desk through reviewing documents and check in daily tasks. Answer guest...

Program: Individual internships
06.11.2019Read review

About the internship I had such a great experience in internship in Russia. If I have a chance, I would like to intern again.  Personally, it was my first time doing an internship and I was very nervous at the beginning but the workers and boss in the company were nice and treated me as par...

Program: Individual internships
31.10.2019Read review

Great experience! I spent a month in SPT: I studied Russian language for two weeks and, at the same time, I worked part time in a big Tour Operator (internship in the language field). Classes at school were really useful, instead, at work, I mostly spoke English. That's why, maybe, if there will be ...

Program: Language & Internship package: St.Petersburg
24.10.2019Read review

I found out about ProfIntern whilst I was looking for internships in Russia and I can’t recommend them enough. They are very professional, have always answered all my questions in the most accurate way possible and very fast. They made sure that I was placed in a company that exceeds all my expect...

Program: Individual internships
08.10.2019Read review
Mohammad Akbar SardarUnited Kingdom

I was recommended ProfIntern by a friend and was very happy with how everything was organised. They made the whole process very easy for me by quickly arranging my housing, Russian language classes, visa and internship. The internship options I was given were in the fields I wanted and in interestin...

Program: Individual internships
01.10.2019Read review
John AmundsonUnited States

My internship was in the field of marketing. The company I was interning for wanted to expand into the English-speaking market, so it was my job to help facilitate that. My main tasks were writing articles about my company in English; for example, what set my company apart from competitors. I also h...

Program: Individual internships
10.09.2019Read review

My second experience with ProfIntern. My first trip and experience with ProfIntern to St.Petersburg in October 2018 was already successful and awesome! So I decided to do a second one in the same City. Career reasons and personal reasons lead me again to ProfIntern. They organized me an internshi...

Program: Individual internships
10.08.2019Read review

When I first contacted Profintern, I had a really good feeling about them and I really thought they understood what I wanted. Indeed the internship they found me was what I asked for and I was happy about it. When I arrived in Russia, I had some problems with my flight but Profintern made sure that ...

Program: Language & Internship package: St.Petersburg
03.08.2019Read review

I did my internship in a company producing organic fertilisers. I assisted the general director (small company) with market research and partnership opportunities finding. I received a warm welcome from the team and was immediately integrated. I was assigned tasks but was also encouraged to provi...

Program: Learn Russian and get professional internship in any field
01.08.2019Read review
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