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Personalized internship in Russian or English languages -

best combination of work and cultural experience.

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Immerse in Russian culture

through organised social and cultural activities.

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Tailor-made internships and language programs in Russia (Saint-Petersburg and Moscow)

We help international students and recent graduates to get an overwhelming professional experience in the requested field and combine it with complete immersion in Russian culture by means of language studies and social activities. Finding an internship in Moscow has never been so easy!


We are passionate about what we do and years of experience empower us to promise you guaranteed results: tailor-made globally relevant internship matching your background, skills and career goals.

Individual approach

Whatever internship field you are interested in we can guarantee you an internship placement in accordance with your application form. We will choose a company from our data base or find a new company especially for you.

Language practice

Improve your Russian by learning the language in our strictly selected partner schools and get involved in a Russian-speaking community.

Cultural immersion

You will be provided a great variety of cultural and social activities to gain a real life experience and feel Russian hospitality.

Comfort and safety

Carefully selected accommodation, Visa assistance, minimum bureaucracy, on-site orientation upon arrival, 24/7 support during your whole stay in Russia.


Upon completion of the program you will get an internship certificate and a letter of recommendation. Request about credits additionally.

Check out what our ex-interns say

I am almost a graduate in the career of nutrition and dietetics so I was looking for a place where I could practice and apply my knowledge in a professional way; I picked Moscow because of a family opportunity. I didn´t choose ProfIntern, ProfIntern chose me… I was about to give up i...

Program: Individual internships
15.12.2018 Read review

I spend 3 months working for a company in Moscow. I was part of a wonderful team of 6 people who warmly welcomed me. The company is specialised in the field of Technology and have several programmes on different focus such as Health technology, Energy technology, Food technology, Autonomous techn...

Program: Individual internships
10.12.2018 Read review

There is this saying in English:,,Time flies when you're having fun.´´ And I completely identify myself with this saying. When I think about my last three months, I truly can say it was fun but hard work as well. But let start with some basic information’s about myself. M...

Program: Individual internships
02.12.2018 Read review

I am Zareta and I live in Belgium. I have just returned from Moscow where I had the opportunity to do an internship in a law firm during the last three months. Thereby I gained practical experience in a Russian company and, in particular, became familiar with the corporate culture of a Russian la...

18.11.2018 Read review

I spent eight weeks in Saint Petersburg interning at a modern art museum. I had been studying Russian for two years and my main goal of the internship was to improve my Russian, both in talking and when doing translations. The museum was planning a big exhibition project and my main task was to h...

Program: Individual internships
07.11.2018 Read review

ABOUT INTERNSHIP My internship was connected with ecology, the right to fight against global warming, pollution and climate change. For 3 months, it is not really enough to grow professionally as experts say, however, I can surely confirm that the differences between my educational experiences...

Program: Individual internships
02.10.2018 Read review

My name is Angelica, I am an Italian girl, I am 23 years old and now I am going to tell you about my experience in Saint-Petersburg.  Thanks to ProfIntern, I could improve my Russian level studying in a great school, language partner of ProfIntern and interning in the Russian company...

Program: Individual internships
26.09.2018 Read review

ABOUT THE INTERNSHIP During the last summer, I had the opportunity to make an experience (internship) in a Russian firm, which is involved in the field of automatic distribution. As this firm is relatively new in the market, also the members of the team were young. So, the atmosphere that we cre...

Program: Learn Russian and get professional internship in any field
19.09.2018 Read review

My internship was connected with the arts and culture. The work environment was both professional and friendly. Everyone got on well and was willing to help me whenever I asked. Most of my work consisted of translation - something that I was very keen on. The amount of work for some might have...

Program: Individual internships
02.09.2018 Read review

Internship  The company I interned by was involved in the field of decentralised online currency. As an international relations student, my sphere of interests are really broad, which allowed me to deep dive also into this new online world, which I have never explored before.  My ...

01.09.2018 Read review

My experience in St. Petersburg was better than I expected. A few months ago a colleague and I decided to start this experience. She opted for a standard Russian language course, but I wanted more. So I decided to live this experience not only improving my Russian language but also applying it. T...

30.08.2018 Read review

Since a young age, I have always felt attracted and curious towards Russia. With this goal on my mind, the past semester I searched for an opportunity to intern in Moscow, as means to develop myself, both professionally and personally. Therefore I reached out to ProfIntern, where the combined ...

Program: Individual internships
18.08.2018 Read review

This year I’ve decided to do an internship and a language course in Saint Petersburg to get some working experience and to practice my Russian as well. About the internship: I worked in a tourism company and I loved it! I had to translate their site, communicate with clients, and correct t...

Program: Individual internships
17.08.2018 Read review

I am writing this letter to review my recent opportunity as an internship for two months in the field of art, Russia, Saint. Petersburg. I gained lots of knowledge about how to work in the museum with those tasks and processions I was assisting with. This experience is so precious as it is the fi...

Program: Individual internships
16.08.2018 Read review

My internship was connected with international business and expansion in a company which provides photography products worldwide. My tasks largely consisted of English language translation/proofreading, due to my status as a native English speaker. I also contacted potential clients in the United...

Program: Learn Russian and get professional internship in any field
16.08.2018 Read review
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