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Amusement and extreme parks in Russia


Do you like extreme attractions or roller coasters? When travelling to Russia there’s definitely a lot to visit and see! We’ve collected here the descriptions of the best Russian extreme parks and attractions which you’ll like! Let’s see what are they!

Divo Ostrov (Divo Island)

This is an extremely cool complex in Saint Petersburg, located on Krestovsky Island. There’s just a countless number of various attractions from childish to even fearful ones. Two types of roller coasters, flying rocket, ‘Booster’, ‘Flying Plate’ and many other carousels are waiting for you. For those who doesn’t really like extreme attractions, there’s a Ferris Wheel and many cafes. Anyway, when you first get there. It starts to seem that this an absolutely different world with so many bright colours and happy people. Visit Divo Island and you won’t regret!

Sochi park

One the newest and at the same time most picturesque amusement parks are located near Sochi, in Olympic Park. Why is it so cool? First of all, it’s very close to the sea coast, so when you ride the Ferris Wheel here, you can see the mountain peaks covered with ice from the one side and the Black Sea from the other side? Isn’t it amazing? The style of the park is a bit fairytale and so bright. Here you can find for yourself roller coasters as well as less extreme attractions. Anyway, you can take fabulous photos here. So visit this place and see with your own eyes!

Bungee jumping in Sochi

Sochi is definitely rich for extreme experiences, and bungee jumping is a very cool attraction for those who lack adrenaline! This is also called ‘Sochi Swing’ and here you can feel like a bird nose-diving from the height of 200 m. Of course, safety measures are being taken beforehand: all the belts, tethers and other things work properly and actually can endure even heavier loads. These extreme swings may fear some people, but others have only positive emotions and the feeling of freedom. If you’re not afraid, try it!

Ostrov Mechty (Dream Island)

Many visitors had been waiting for the opening of this theme park for years, and finally, just a few months ago it was opened! Here you can visit cinemas, enjoy the marvellous decorations of thematic zones and feel like you’re in a wonderland! Snowy fairytale, dinosaurs, medieval castles, jungles and many other zones are waiting here for you. Attractions are opened here for children as well as for adults. Regardless of your age, you can find something interesting here!

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