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Are there’re any summer resorts in Russia?

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Russia is known as the country of snow, winter, coldest temperatures and bears walking on the streets. What if we tell you that in summer you can feel here like you’re in tropics? How may it happen and what are these unique places? Let’s discover them!

Krasnodar Region

The main summer destination for many Russians is the Krasnodar region! The Black and Azov seas, numerous rivers, mountains, sandy beaches and the warmest summer in Russia – these are the components of this unique place. People love it because here they can easily travel by car, open the new sides of our country and see how different the nature is in the different parts of the region. Moreover, Krasnodar region is the area of the tastiest food, fresh fruits, and wine! Sochi, Novorossiysk, Anapa are waiting for the tourists every year.

The Baltic Sea

If you’ve ever been to Saint Petersburg, you may know a lot about the weather on the Gulf of Finland. Actually, this is a part of the Baltic Sea, and such city as Kaliningrad and others are located on its shores. Surprisingly, in summer people forget about its temperature and go to the nearest beaches to enjoy the sun and finally get tanned! Even though the climate here is not that ‘tropical’ as in Sochi, people love this place for its great wide sandy coasts! Would you like to stay here?


Vladivostok is one of a few Russian cities and towns that are located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean! Although this place doesn’t seem to be very warm, in summer it becomes the real gem of this region! Not only the city, but also the nearest islands attract many visitors who have been waiting for the hot summer days. The beaches and coasts are unusual here: there’s a ‘glass’ beach on Russky island, so the pebble is very bright and colourful here!

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