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Back to France with new projects after Internship with ProfIntern


After a wonderful travel experience in Russia, and a very formative internship as an assistant sommelier in wine industry in Saint Petersburg, found for me by ProfIntern, I became more self-confident and assertive, and finally decided to open my own wine tourism company in Bordeaux.

Actually, I have this idea for quite a long time already, but it was more a distant-future project. And the internship was quite revealing, and really boosted my projects. I was a bit sceptical about my ability to achieve the tasks they assigned me during the Internship. I was learning Russian for 2 years and had to run a 2-hours lecture about Bordeaux wines as well as organize a 5-days trip to the Bordeaux wine region for wine lovers studying about wine at my host company.

After the conference, I realised that it is the best time for me to open my own company: I managed to overcome difficulties by myself during the trip to Russia and challenges during the internship. Moreover, I always wanted to open a wine tourism company, so the 5-days tour that they wanted me to organised was a great opportunity to experience my future business!

About my company "Bordo’Chateaux"

So, Bordo’château is about wine tourism, that is to say, I organise tours and wine tastings in Bordeaux and its well-known vineyards.

There will be different offers :

  • Bordeaux Tasty Tours: a walk through Bordeaux and its best spots + tasting of our tasty local delicacies (oysters, wine, canelés…)
  • Tours to the medieval Unesco classified city of St Emilion and visit of the most beautiful wineries in the area
  • Cru Classe Tours in Medoc : visit of the prestigious appellation of Medoc where are produced the most famous and prestigious crus classes of Bordeaux
  • Winemaker for a day : VIP exclusive tour where you can create your own wine, and have a lunch in a winery
  • «Relaxing» day by the sea with tours to the seaside town Arcachon, with oysters tasting and a look a the highest Dune in Europe : Dune of Pyla

I am also ready to organize 100% customized tours, according to the desires of the clients 

Please, visit "Bordo’Chateaux" FaceBook page  

Author: Alaïs Riglet, https://www.facebook.com/alaisriglet 

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