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2019-01-06 00:00

A bit of my experience as a guide with my very first group of visitors from Saint Petersburg!
During my (fantastic) internship in SPB last spring, I had to organize a 5-day trip to the Bordeaux wine region for wine...

2018-11-28 15:00

My name is Dmitriy. During summer 2016, I had an internship in Moscow organized for me by ProfIntern, in a well-established start-up company. During this internship, I worked with my manager on an amazing project...

2018-11-28 01:02
general bordo

After a wonderful travel experience in Russia, and a very formative internship as an assistant sommelier in wine industry in Saint Petersburg, found for me by ProfIntern, I became more self-confident and...

Category: Russia, Moscow
2018-11-02 00:00
Andre Lanas Moscow

Moscow can be felt everywhere. It is a city that welcomes thousands of people and greets newcomers with boast and pride. Why? Because Moscow does not want to be left behind, it wants to show everyone what it is made...

Category: Russia
2018-10-02 00:00
Zareta's article

I am Zareta Terchoyeva, I come from Belgium and currently, I do an internship in Moscow.

In this article, I would like to share my experience and to write why Russia is a great internship destination.

When I had the...

Category: Russia
2018-09-02 00:00
stereotype russia

They are very famous throughout the world, the majority of them come from the internet. What we all learn from Russia without visiting, is that Russian people have a talent for doing silly things like fighting with a...

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