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Transport in Russia

As Russia has a huge territory, there’s a wide choice of transport to use. Their availability depends on the town or city of staying. Anyway, there’s a lot to share and some facts may really surprise you!

First of all, to get to a different city or region, people usually use planes, trains, buses and cars. These are the most popular types of transport, which connect all the Russian towns. But there’re some places which are hard to be reached by these transports. So, people get there on boats, or even helicopters! For example, Sakhalin Island is separated from the other territory by the waters of the sea. Northern parts of Russia are also located too far from highways and railroads, so the only way to get there is to use a helicopter or a plane.

Regarding the public transport, there’re a few types of transport which are very common and popular in every town and city: buses, trams, trolleybuses, metro, taxi and minibuses! There’re 7 cities in Russia where the metro system is functioning now. These are Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhniy Novgorod, Samara, Yekaterinburg and Kazan! Of course, the most complex metro systems are in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, because these are the largest cities in the country. There’re also numerous legends about minibuses in Russia – tiny overcrowded ‘buses’ with a strange music and funny drivers. In fact, minibuses are ‘stricter’ now and they remind usual buses, but you should definitely use it at least once just to learn what it is!

The newest kinds of transport in Russia are also becoming more and more popular among children, adults and even elderly! Carsharing, scooters, and bicycles are not just a kind of joy now, people really use it to get somewhere they need! Scooters are extremely popular both in cities and towns, and perhaps even exceed common bicycles with their quantity! Carsharing services are a new fashion in Russia and people actively use it as it saves a lot of money comparing to their own cars. Visit Russia to try all these transports!


Russia is acknowledged worldwide for its great cuisine and unusual dishes! At the same time, Russia is not only about pelmeni, vareniki and borscht! Actually, there’re a great number of cafes and food centres where you can try delicious dishes from different parts of our planet. Let’s find out what to see and what to try in Russia!


Motherland of the famous Tulsky Pryanik (gingerbread) attracts many tourists to the local museums and cafes where you can try the real desserts. What is good about the city, is that it’s located near Moscow, so when travelling to the capital of Russia don’t forget to go for an excursion to Tula. Gingerbreads have various fillings, decorations, and sizes, but what is still unchangeable — its great taste.

Baikal lake

The unbelievable nature, the lake itself and fresh air make every meal here twice as better! People come here to try more traditional dishes like borscht and fish soup, meat and pastry. Here you can also try local cuisine which is really unusual too! Anyway, everything becomes tastier in such a place, so that‘s a good reason to visit it!

St. Petersburg

Pyshki — a kind of doughnuts — is a calling card of the city. You can find them almost everywhere, but there’s the most well-known and at the same time the oldest café in Saint Petersburg — on Bolshaya Konyushennaya street. If you never tried pyshki before, it’s a must-try and must-visit for you! Moreover, Petersburg is also famous for its legendary dish — fried koryushka (smelt). This is a so-called brand of Saint Petersburg, and there’s even the annual festival of koryushka which takes place every May.


What is the secret of such a great popularity of Sochi among Russians? The answer is simple — palms, sea, wine and food! Countless dishes and drinks are presented here almost everywhere — kebab, shashlik (barbeque), fresh vegetables, shaverma, and Caucasian wine. Visiting mountain resorts here is also a good reason to try something tasty here, so you can try unusual natural teas and different types of Caucasian pies with cheese, meat, and other fillings.

Learning Russian can be easier and way more joyful if you watch cartoons and films in Russian. We’re sure, it will make the process more pleasant and quite faster. Here we’ve listed some of the best cartoons, films and series made in USSR and modern Russia. Enjoy!

Чебурашка и Крокодил Гена

Cute story of a sudden and long friendship between crocodile called Gena and Cheburashka – ‘a beast unknown to science’ – doesn’t lose its popularity even now. The main characters overcome a lot of problems, travel and have fun Together. This cartoon is about true kindness, which always wins. If you’re just at the very beginning of your studying, watch the cartoon and you won’t regret!

Трое из Простоквашино

This nice cartoon about friendship, family and village life is loved by all the Russians. It’s funny and rich for idioms and curious expressions at the same time! It has 3 parts, watch them all and choose the best for yourself!

Летучий Корабль

A touching story about true love made in the form of a curious cartoon. It’s also cool because of the dialogues and songs which will improve your listening skills. And an additional plus is that you’ll learn a more about ancient Russian culture from this cartoon!

Москва слезам не верит

This film was awarded with Oscar in 1981 as ‘The Best Movie’. The film can tell you more about USSR lifestyle, true feelings and obstacles that everyone meets on the life way. This is the story about a strong woman and her interesting life, and we’re sure, that it will touch you!

Кухня (series)

This is one of the best series of a modern Russia! Ridiculous scenes, fine actors, cool soundtracks won’t leave you cold! The series is more suitable for intermediate learners, as the dialogues may be quite complex. Anyway, it’s worth watching!

Do you like extreme attractions or roller coasters? When travelling to Russia there’s definitely a lot to visit and see! We’ve collected here the descriptions of the best Russian extreme parks and attractions which you’ll like! Let’s see what are they!

Divo Ostrov (Divo Island)

This is an extremely cool complex in Saint Petersburg, located on Krestovsky Island. There’s just a countless number of various attractions from childish to even fearful ones. Two types of roller coasters, flying rocket, ‘Booster’, ‘Flying Plate’ and many other carousels are waiting for you. For those who doesn’t really like extreme attractions, there’s a Ferris Wheel and many cafes. Anyway, when you first get there. It starts to seem that this an absolutely different world with so many bright colours and happy people. Visit Divo Island and you won’t regret!

Sochi park

One the newest and at the same time most picturesque amusement parks are located near Sochi, in Olympic Park. Why is it so cool? First of all, it’s very close to the sea coast, so when you ride the Ferris Wheel here, you can see the mountain peaks covered with ice from the one side and the Black Sea from the other side? Isn’t it amazing? The style of the park is a bit fairytale and so bright. Here you can find for yourself roller coasters as well as less extreme attractions. Anyway, you can take fabulous photos here. So visit this place and see with your own eyes!

Bungee jumping in Sochi

Sochi is definitely rich for extreme experiences, and bungee jumping is a very cool attraction for those who lack adrenaline! This is also called ‘Sochi Swing’ and here you can feel like a bird nose-diving from the height of 200 m. Of course, safety measures are being taken beforehand: all the belts, tethers and other things work properly and actually can endure even heavier loads. These extreme swings may fear some people, but others have only positive emotions and the feeling of freedom. If you’re not afraid, try it!

Ostrov Mechty (Dream Island)

Many visitors had been waiting for the opening of this theme park for years, and finally, just a few months ago it was opened! Here you can visit cinemas, enjoy the marvellous decorations of thematic zones and feel like you’re in a wonderland! Snowy fairytale, dinosaurs, medieval castles, jungles and many other zones are waiting here for you. Attractions are opened here for children as well as for adults. Regardless of your age, you can find something interesting here!

Quarantine measures have been taken in almost all the European and Western countries due to Coronavirus. Russia is not an exclusion here: Government announced the April and at least a half of May as non-working, so people have a lot of time to take up their hobbies, training and not only. So, what do they do? Let’s find out!


This is probably the most popular ‘hobby’ these days! A lot of free time allows people to complete renovation that has been started years ago or just to renovate the rooms’ appearance. Sales in DIY stores significantly grew up during the first days of quarantine. Spring is a time for something new, so Russians decided to start with their houses and flats.

Training at home

Quarantine is the best time to keep fit. Russians who used to go to gyms regularly not only practice at home using a sports mat, but they arrange mini-complexes with all the equipment they need. Online workouts are very popular now and many gyms, stretching and ballet classes continue to work in a remote way. This a good way to save the previous results and reach even new heights despite the barriers!

Learning new languages

Learning English, French, German, Spanish remains the plans for years as people always delay the start of the process. Now all the resources become more accessible, so Russians take up their old hobbies and try to invest free time in the new skills. There’s also a huge number of online language schools and courses on the market, which make studying funny and enjoyable. And what’s also good: if Russians speak more foreign languages, it actually, can make Russia more comfortable for tourists!

Cooking unusual dishes

The rapid pace of our life doesn’t let us to enjoy uncommon dishes made by ourselves every day. But now everything is possible and people make culinary experiments more often! Some people take up bakery, others try themselves at cooking pasta and pizza. Some people combine these directions and cook dishes that are even hard to imagine! Many Russians say that they will become professional cooks by the end of the quarantine. Anyway, this skill is always needed, so it’s a perfect time to improve it!

The deepest lakes, the longest rivers, the biggest forests… and also the highest mountains! All these phrases describe Russia and its rich nature. But you know that it’s better to see once! We totally agree with this statement, so, we’ve prepared a shortlist of mountain resorts which are definitely worth seeing! Of course, there are much more cool places in Russia than we describe here, so this is only a small part of what you can actually see in Russia.

Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi

Perhaps, this is the most popular mountain resort in Russia. Both foreign and Russian tourists come to this place to enjoy an amazing beauty of such high Caucasian peaks and even to touch the clouds! Here you can ski in winter, walk to the waterfalls and collect flowers in spring and summer and watch the golden leaves falling in autumn. And what makes this place even better is the closeness to the Black Sea! It takes an hour to get to the Sochi beach, see palms and swim in the water. Come here and you won’t regret!


Kareliya is well-known for its incredible landscapes: rivers, lakes and evergreen forests make the picture very colourful! This place is nice for short trips from Saint Petersburg, as they’re located quite closely. Mountains here are not that high as in Krasnaya Polyana, but it doesn’t make Kareliya less interesting. The nature is absolutely different here: it is more ‘Northern’ and a bit ‘fresher’! But you should see it first!


This is the farthest place from Moscow, but it will give you the brightest memories! The Klyuchevskaya Sopka is an active volcano, but in the periods of ‘calmness’ it attracts lots of tourist from all the parts of the world. 5000 meters high snowy slopes won’t let you to take your eyes off them. This an incredible place to visit and one of the best Russian sights. Don’t miss a chance to get there and enjoy the natural wonder!