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Cities you should visit in Russia (besides Moscow and Saint Petersburg)

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You know that the culture, people, food and, of course, nature are the best things every tourist wants to see in Russia! For sure, Moscow and Saint Petersburg are the largest cities in Russia, but there’s still a lot to see if you want to get closer to the Russian culture and history and better understand the mindset of Russians.

Nizhniy Novgorod

This city is well-known as a Russian historical centre and the main hub of river transport. Nizhniy Novgorod is located 400 km away from Moscow, so you can easily get there if you travel to the capital of our country. Here you can visit ancient Novgorod Kremlin, see a lot of signs of the Russian history like beautiful Orthodox churches, museums and monuments. This city is also popular among famous people who come to Russia, as they often choose Novgorod as a place to visit. By the way, did you know that Margaret Thatcher visited this city in 1993?


Kazan is one of the most extraordinary cities in Russia. The architecture, people and the tastiest national dishes make this place truly outstanding and even magical. Kazan is the capital of Tatarstan Republic and Tatars comprise the largest part of the region’s population. As we’ve already mentioned, you’ll be definitely surprised with delicious national food: echpochmak (a kind of pastry with meat filling), chak-chak (crunchy dessert made of dough and honey syrup) and plov (which actually relates to the Uzbek cuisine, but very popular in Tatarstan). You won’t get hungry in Kazan!


The motherland of Tulskiy pryanik (gingerbread), this wonderful city is popular among tourists both from Russia and other countries. Why should you visit Tula? First of all, to try this famous gingerbread! This sweet honey taste won’t leave you cold. Secondly, you can enjoy the landscapes as well as Russian ancient architecture. Thirdly, it’s just less than 200 km away from Moscow! It’s always a good idea to change something and open the new places!

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