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Covid-19 in Russia: the real situation

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Many people all over the world are worried about Covid-19 situation. We just want to briefly clarify what is going on in the country.

First of all, the situation is under control. There’s no broad panic and empty shelves in stores, as most of population understand that people should be more rational in this situation. People buy some products in advance, but everyone, who needs something, can easily find it in stores.

In order to prevent the further spread of coronavirus, all the classes in schools and universities have been moved online. It only means that now pupils and students will receive all the information through their computers, the quality of education as well as the number of assessments is supposed to remain the same. It’s still unclear when all the classes will be moved offline, but we hope it will take not that much time.

Concerning business, many companies now provide an opportunity to work from home. Of course, it’s possible to do not in some special fields, but still this practice is very common now among office companies. 

What about our internship programs, we continue to work in the same regime and host all the interns coming to Russia. Right now, as there’re some restrictions regarding the beginning of the internship, some trainees have an online internship for 2 weeks to make sure that they didn’t catch the virus during their flight. This a preventive measure for other colleagues. After this, every intern can get to work as usual.

Some companies don’t have such rules and they are always ready to start working with their new interns. As you can see, every case is special.
We concern about the stay of our interns in Russia. Due to the flights’ cancellation, some students can’t come to Russia on the planned date. So, an alternative option — online internship is available now. We understand, that in some cases summer internship is obligatory, e.g. in universities, so, interns still have an opportunity to get professional experience. 

The only thing we have to do now is to keep calm, wash the hands and be careful! We believe that we will overcome all the difficulties together!

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