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Curious facts about Petersburg’s underground!

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Many people say that underground in St. Petersburg is special. Why? Learn with us!

The first and probably the most well-known fact is that city’s underground is the deepest in the world. When tourists come to saint Petersburg, they may be surprised with how much time it takes to get to trains. The average depth of underground’s stations comprises 57 meters and the deepest station in Russia is Admiralteyskaya which lies on the level of 86 meters under ground surface.

Another curious fact is that for many years St. Petersburg’s underground was the most northern in the world! But in 1982 when stations were opened in Helsinki, our underground lost this status. Nevertheless, it’s still the most northern in Russia, especially Parnas station.

And some mysterious facts about stations. For 14 years Admiralteyskaya was called ghost-station, as it took too much time to build it and trains just didn’t stop here. Finally, in 2011 it was opened and now it’s one of the most popular stations among tourists. Another ghost-station, Dachnoye, was opened in 1966th, but later in 11 years it was closed forever. The reason for this is that this station was planned as temporary. Instead of it was built another station, Prospekt Veteranov.

If you had ever visited Petersburg before, did you notice these stations where you can’t see trains and where only doors open? It’s called “horizontal elevator” and our city was the first where stations of such kind were built! Now there’re 12 “horizontal elevator” stations in Petersburg.

The last two but quite impressive facts: now Petersburg’s underground is 19th busiest in the world. More than 700 million people a year use metro to get to their destination! And our metro is also formally located in two regions – Saint Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast. Devyatkino station is located so far from city center that it’s, actually, opened in another region.

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