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Education system in Russia

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Everything in this world starts with studying! And every country has its own features in the education process. We want to tell you more about Russia: what are the stages, trajectories of education and opportunities after graduation!

This information may be of interest for people coming to Russia for studying, interning or just travelling. We hope that it will also help you to become closer to Russia and learn more about the country!

So, the first step in almost every child’s life is a kindergarten! Usually, this stage begins at the age of 3 years. Children are taught to sing, dance, paint and make their first calculations in kindergarten.

In the age of 7 children go to primary school. Here the new stage, which lasts for 4 years, begins. On this step children mostly study Russian and foreign language, Reading, P.E., basics of Math and Arithmetic.

Secondary school goes after primary one. Commonly, pupils enter this stage when they’re 11. Here the process of studying becomes more serious: Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Algebra appear in a schedule of every pupil. Tasks become more difficult and learning takes much more time, than in primary school. Secondary school lasts for 5 years and ends with final exams. Pupils pass exams on Russian Language, Math and two other disciplines that they choose according to their preferences. When al the exams are passed, pupils have a choice whether to continue studying in Higher School for two more years or go to college where specialization-oriented courses are offered. Studying in college lasts up to 4 years, after that people can start working or get more academic experience in university.

Higher school – is a final stage of studying in school, which lasts for two years. During this time students prepare for Unified State Examination. These years are the most difficult for students, as their results of final exams will somehow determine their future! As on the previous stage, here students have to pass Russian language and Math exams and at least two more exam on different disciplines. Most of students graduate from school in the age of 17-18 and soon enter uni!

And university is the last stage of such long studying process! It can be divided into two main parts — Bachelor and Master programs. Some students choose to study only for four years and graduate as bachelors, but some continue studying on Master programs for two more years. At the same time, there still exist one more program in Russia which is called Specialist program and it lasts for 5-6 years. And finally, after graduation, former students can start working!

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