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  • Industry: Chemistry
  • Size of the company: Medium (50-249 Employees)
  • Global locations: Russia
  • Internship location: St. Petersburg
  • Language of internship: Russian, English
  • Key tasks and responsibilities:
  • assisting different team members with basic tasks of their research, such as preparing solutions, Petri dishes or polyelectrolyte coatings by Layer-by-layer assembly,
  • participation in the research related to Liesegang Rings, preparing them in Petri dishes and test tubes to later on analyse them using an optical microscope, Polyelectrolyte Coacervate Films, produced by Layer-by-layer assembly, and the preparation of an ion-selective adhesive tape for potentiometric measurements, being developed for a biosensor,
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Ines Katharina Flora Kirsten


Profintern organized an internship in a Chemistry Laboratory specializing in Surface Technologies for me. During the first week of my internship I was introduced to several of the research groups. Different members explained their current projects to me, giving me an insight into the wide range of projects the laboratory is involved in (many interdisciplinary projects). Thereafter I was placed...

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