Dear interns! We are working as usual and are ready to welcome candidates of all nationalities to our programs in Russia.


  • Industry: International tax & management consulting
  • Size of the company: Large (more than 250 Employees)
  • Global locations: Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland
  • Internship location: St. Petersburg
  • Language of internship: English
  • Key tasks and responsibilities:
  • Research of investment areas in Russia,
  • Contact management companies of investment areas,
  • Coordinate meetings with investors and residents of i-area,
  • Support in proofreading,
  • Support in checking of contractors,
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Radu Bogdan Florin


The experience with ProfIntern in Russia was simply amaizing and i feel that i have to thank Profintern's staff in the first place and to explain why in the second place. Getting along with Russia's ordeals is not easy for an European; from weather differences to other habits and traits, language barrier and so on Profintern staff was there for me right from our first meeting in the airport where ...

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