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Gastrotourism in Russia

Category: Russia, St. Petersburg

Russia is acknowledged worldwide for its great cuisine and unusual dishes! At the same time, Russia is not only about pelmeni, vareniki and borscht! Actually, there’re a great number of cafes and food centres where you can try delicious dishes from different parts of our planet. Let’s find out what to see and what to try in Russia!


Motherland of the famous Tulsky Pryanik (gingerbread) attracts many tourists to the local museums and cafes where you can try the real desserts. What is good about the city, is that it’s located near Moscow, so when travelling to the capital of Russia don’t forget to go for an excursion to Tula. Gingerbreads have various fillings, decorations, and sizes, but what is still unchangeable — its great taste.

Baikal lake

The unbelievable nature, the lake itself and fresh air make every meal here twice as better! People come here to try more traditional dishes like borscht and fish soup, meat and pastry. Here you can also try local cuisine which is really unusual too! Anyway, everything becomes tastier in such a place, so that‘s a good reason to visit it!

St. Petersburg

Pyshki — a kind of doughnuts — is a calling card of the city. You can find them almost everywhere, but there’s the most well-known and at the same time the oldest café in Saint Petersburg — on Bolshaya Konyushennaya street. If you never tried pyshki before, it’s a must-try and must-visit for you! Moreover, Petersburg is also famous for its legendary dish — fried koryushka (smelt). This is a so-called brand of Saint Petersburg, and there’s even the annual festival of koryushka which takes place every May.


What is the secret of such a great popularity of Sochi among Russians? The answer is simple — palms, sea, wine and food! Countless dishes and drinks are presented here almost everywhere — kebab, shashlik (barbeque), fresh vegetables, shaverma, and Caucasian wine. Visiting mountain resorts here is also a good reason to try something tasty here, so you can try unusual natural teas and different types of Caucasian pies with cheese, meat, and other fillings.

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