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How do Russians spend the quarantine?

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Quarantine measures have been taken in almost all the European and Western countries due to Coronavirus. Russia is not an exclusion here: Government announced the April and at least a half of May as non-working, so people have a lot of time to take up their hobbies, training and not only. So, what do they do? Let’s find out!


This is probably the most popular ‘hobby’ these days! A lot of free time allows people to complete renovation that has been started years ago or just to renovate the rooms’ appearance. Sales in DIY stores significantly grew up during the first days of quarantine. Spring is a time for something new, so Russians decided to start with their houses and flats.

Training at home

Quarantine is the best time to keep fit. Russians who used to go to gyms regularly not only practice at home using a sports mat, but they arrange mini-complexes with all the equipment they need. Online workouts are very popular now and many gyms, stretching and ballet classes continue to work in a remote way. This a good way to save the previous results and reach even new heights despite the barriers!

Learning new languages

Learning English, French, German, Spanish remains the plans for years as people always delay the start of the process. Now all the resources become more accessible, so Russians take up their old hobbies and try to invest free time in the new skills. There’s also a huge number of online language schools and courses on the market, which make studying funny and enjoyable. And what’s also good: if Russians speak more foreign languages, it actually, can make Russia more comfortable for tourists!

Cooking unusual dishes

The rapid pace of our life doesn’t let us to enjoy uncommon dishes made by ourselves every day. But now everything is possible and people make culinary experiments more often! Some people take up bakery, others try themselves at cooking pasta and pizza. Some people combine these directions and cook dishes that are even hard to imagine! Many Russians say that they will become professional cooks by the end of the quarantine. Anyway, this skill is always needed, so it’s a perfect time to improve it!

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