How it works

We are always seeking for ways to reduce the paperwork, so we adopted a simplified registration procedure. Please keep in mind that registrations 8 weeks before the desired starting date will incur a 100 € rush fee.

9 SIMPLE STEPS to start my professional internship or academic program


I fill in
the application form online and attach a copy of my passport, ID photo, cover letter and CV.


I discuss
all the details with ProfIntern about what do I expect from the chosen program(s).


I pay the invoice
which includes the total lan­guage course fee, one month accom­modation fee and a 300 € non-refundable deposit.*


ProfIntern finds
the best avail­able internship, accom­modation and lan­guage course for me.


I receive the visa invitation
to apply for Russian visa.**


I receive the description
of the company, work tasks, accom­modation and language courses.


I review, sign and send back
all the required documents to ProfIntern.


I pay the total invoice
via bank transfer 14 days prior to my arrival or in cash on my first day.


I arrive to RUSSIA
and enjoy my program!

* The total language course fee and the accommodation fee will only be included in this invoice if ordered. Please read our Refund policy.

** Invitation letter is sent only if «Russian visa» service is ordered. Please bear in mind that the intern is responsible for getting a Russian visa at the Russian embassy/consulate of his/her place of residence.

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