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How to study Russian successfully?

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Russian is often called one of the most difficult languages in the world. For native Russian speakers, this statement may seem unrealistic, but for foreigners, this is so true. Anyway, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to learn Russian and start speaking! And here we provide some effective methods of learning Russian!

1. Switch your phone language to Russian

This method may be extremely useful on the first steps of learning Russian! Imagine: intuitively you know what action will follow after clicking every button. But you’ll always see the Russian equivalent of this ‘action word’ and soon you’ll remember these words and expressions. This method may seem not very effective, but in fact the results are brilliant! And this is the easiest way to start learning almost every language.

2. Start watching Russian cartoons and films

As the vocabulary used in cartoons is much easier for understanding, you can use this method in the very beginning of learning new language. You know, watching films, series and cartoons works on every level of studying. So, if you don’t know what to start with – turn on your favorite cartoons in Russian and enjoy! 3

3. Sign up in VK and follow some communities

Vkontakte is a popular Russian social media, and almost every Russian is registered here! This is the best informational source in Russian language! As in every social media, in VK you can find all the information you need: from diet recipes to Russian and world news. And the most important advantage for those who study the language – everything’s in Russian! So, don’t wait, join VK and study!

4. Follow Russian bloggers

This is another truly workable method that will help you to practice listening and reading. Watching stories in Instagram and videos in YouTube with 100% probability will help you to develop your listening skills. Soon you’ll start to remember special phrases that Russians often use and finally put them in your speech. Moreover, this is very good method for getting better understanding of colloquial speech!

5. Find Russian friend in Facebook or VK

It’s a well-known but still really effective way of studying almost every language. How to find a pen-friend? There’re lots of communities and groups devoted to Russian language and many Russians offer their help here! Now you can progress in pronunciation as well as in speaking using Skype and other options. This method is more suitable for pre-intermediate learners and higher, because some speaking and writing skills may be necessary, but in fact the choice is always up to you! Don’t forget that this method is not only about studying, but also about probable future friendship! We advise not to miss such a chance to find good friends and maybe even come to Russia!

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