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January — month of holidays!

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As you might have heard Russians really like various celebrations and don’t miss a chance to have a party! And January is the most suitable month for partying as there’re so many reasons for celebrating. We will tell you more about the most well-known and meaningful days in the calendar of Russians. Let’s begin!

New year

No words are needed to describe how much Russians love this day and wait for it every year! New Year is celebrated on the 31st of December and 1st of January but actually celebration lasts much longer up to 10 days. Traditionally every year there’re almost 10-days holidays at the beginning of January. During this time Russians travel, meet their friend and family, stay at home and watch movies together. And, of course, eat tasty homemade food: salads, meat, fish, pastry. What a nice time!


 This day is well-known around the world. The difference between “Russian” and “European” or “American” Christmas is that it’s celebrated on the 7th of January. This holiday is very domestic in Russia too. Usually, godfathers and godmothers visit their “sons” and “daughters” to give them presents and sweets.

Old New Year

Sounds strange and wrong, no? Yes, but this is just a play on words, in fact, everything’s simple. Russians celebrate the Old New Year on the 14th of January – 14 days after “usual New Year”. Previously, many years ago, the beginning of the new year was celebrated “later” because there was the Julian calendar chosen as the main one in our country. Later Russia switched to the Gregorian calendar and it caused such a shift in time. Time went by but a habit and tradition to celebrate this day on the “wrong” date didn’t disappear! So, the holiday still exists. 


This is one more religious holiday which takes place on the 19th of January. As water is a symbol of life in Christian church, this day Orthodox believers consecrate it and swim in special river ice-holes as a sign of their belief. Many people hope that it will help them to make their dreams come true or just make them feel free and full of energy. 

Tatiana’s day

The holiday celebrated on the 25th of January is a “professional day’ of all Russian students! On this day in 1755, the decree on founding Moscow State University was signed by Empress Elizabeth. So, Russian students celebrate this day every year for more than 250 years! The name of the holiday is connected with Saint Tatiana – patroness of all students. As many years ago, universities provide some entertainment for students. Also, now on Tatiana’s Day, lots of shops and cafes offer special prices for students and some even make presents for them.

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