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More facts about the Russian language!


The Russian language is not only one of the most difficult but one of the richest for some peculiarities! Indeed, the Russian language is full of interesting insights and unusual facts that make it very curious.

1️⃣The number of letters in the Russian language hasn’t always been constant. As you might have already known, the youngest letter in Russian alphabet – Ё – appeared in the 1700s. So now there’re 33 letters in our alphabet.

2️⃣There’re only 74 words in the Russian language that start with the letter Й. At the same time, the most of Russians remember only three of them: йод, йога и йогурт.

3️⃣There’re almost no original Russian words in the language that start with the letter A!

4️⃣Nobody knows precisely how many words the Russian language contains. Of course, the language is constantly changing, therefore some words appear, but some get forgotten. Anyway, there’re almost 200 thousand words in the latest version of the Russian Vocabulary.

5️⃣The word кофе which means coffee is considered both as masculine and neuter. It’s a very common mistake in the Russian language when people say ‘черное кофе’ instead of ‘черный кофе’. In fact, according to the Russian vocabulary, it’s correct to say ‘черное кофе’, so in colloquial speech this is widely used.

6️⃣Many years ago, there was no such part of speech as numerals in our language. Such words as два, три, четыре related to adjectives, and пять, шесть – to nouns.

7️⃣The word метро also used to be masculine, but now it’s neuter. During the Soviet times even the newspaper «Советский метро» existed. Now nobody says so, and we say «Советское метро».

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