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Mountains in Russia. Where to go?

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The deepest lakes, the longest rivers, the biggest forests… and also the highest mountains! All these phrases describe Russia and its rich nature. But you know that it’s better to see once! We totally agree with this statement, so, we’ve prepared a shortlist of mountain resorts which are definitely worth seeing! Of course, there are much more cool places in Russia than we describe here, so this is only a small part of what you can actually see in Russia.

Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi

Perhaps, this is the most popular mountain resort in Russia. Both foreign and Russian tourists come to this place to enjoy an amazing beauty of such high Caucasian peaks and even to touch the clouds! Here you can ski in winter, walk to the waterfalls and collect flowers in spring and summer and watch the golden leaves falling in autumn. And what makes this place even better is the closeness to the Black Sea! It takes an hour to get to the Sochi beach, see palms and swim in the water. Come here and you won’t regret!


Kareliya is well-known for its incredible landscapes: rivers, lakes and evergreen forests make the picture very colourful! This place is nice for short trips from Saint Petersburg, as they’re located quite closely. Mountains here are not that high as in Krasnaya Polyana, but it doesn’t make Kareliya less interesting. The nature is absolutely different here: it is more ‘Northern’ and a bit ‘fresher’! But you should see it first!


This is the farthest place from Moscow, but it will give you the brightest memories! The Klyuchevskaya Sopka is an active volcano, but in the periods of ‘calmness’ it attracts lots of tourist from all the parts of the world. 5000 meters high snowy slopes won’t let you to take your eyes off them. This an incredible place to visit and one of the best Russian sights. Don’t miss a chance to get there and enjoy the natural wonder!

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