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My Experience of Engineering Internship in Russia

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Here we post an interview with Karthikeyan Dharmarajan, an intern from India, who came for an internship to Russia with us twice — in 2013th and 2017th. 

 What inspired you to come to Russia for an internship for the first time in 2013 and now?

First and foremost I am happy to share my experience about being an Intern in Russia. I am pleased with this stupendous country and its people making me to feel it as my second home. First time when I came to Russia I had no idea. I was about to start my career and I saw it as a good opportunity. Moreover it was my first visit to any foreign country so I had nothing in my mind. After arriving I have experienced something new right from the climate to people. It was like living in another planet. Mistakes made by me by not continuing the autumn intern in 2013 was really inspirational for me to be back by spring 2017. I felt it as my second home I was so comfortable here like living in my own country. To be successful in my second home and to overcome the shadows of 2013 I decided to be back. After couple of years I decided to approach ProfIntern again and this time I was clear about the field of interest is Engineering. I told my expectations about the company to them and they found me a company which is interested in me.

Can you please share your impression about the internship itself? 

I was placed for a personalized internship in the company, which is a leading expert in the field of Industrial Communication Systems providing Intercom, Public Address, General Alarm to all the major types of industries in Russia, CIS countries, South Asia and South East part of Asia. In this Multinational company I was given a chance to work(learn) along them in the service department.

At the beginning I worked on Execution of documents, briefings, meetings, acquaintance with Company and colleagues. Then I had Training session with the equipment. Face-to-face (with trainer), self-study and together with department engineers. Later Diagnostics and testing after repair of equipments. It was a nice journey working with the engineers of the company whom were very friendly and always available to help me when I was in need.  Finally I was able to do unassisted (under supervision) performance of diagnostics of company's equipment received from clients for service of my own with the guidance of all great people who are the main reason for completing my tasks on high.

What are the differences in Indian and Russian culture and working mentalities?

One thing I noticed what is different from India is that people don’t try to fool you if you don’t understand things. For example, they don’t overprice things or overcharge you. Also, unlike India, they have the same entry ticket to their museums and famous monuments for locals and foreigners alike which was very convenient for me. The public transport is amazing. Its super cheap just like in India and you have multiple options available like trains, buses, subways and even boats! PDA (Public Display of Affection) like kissing and hugging is quite common and may seem strange at first for an Indian.

I see no difference in the working mentalities between Russian and Indian. But I see a big difference in people behaviour in the working area. In Russia the people are easily approachable and there is no difference between them being superior or a worker they are same. They respect people well with equal importance to all which is good to see and its new. I really like this approach and would love to follow this.

Please, share with us some stories which happened to you when you lived in Russia?

One thing that India should learn from Russia is the way they treat their women. There is no gender discrimination and women roam freely, independently and without fear. It’s common to see women driving buses and train. Also, all houses are equipped with very good heating systems that will not at all let you feel the cold outside. Russia enjoys a sex ratio just opposite to what we have in India. So you will see more girls than boys. You will notice a women driving a tram, cab even at late nights. Also Russian abide to the rules much strongly as compared to Indians. Even though there are no police men as in India to control the traffic, they make sure they follow traffic rules even in late night.
Do you recommend Russia as the destination for professional internships and why?

Of course, Yes. I would blindly suggest Russia is the best place to be as an professional intern. The Russians are very smart and it will be a great advantage for any intern to practice along the master brains of Russian. And when it combines with Indian – Indo-Russian combination is always an headache to the rest of world. I see now Government of Russian Federation has altered its foreign policy towards hiring the skilled people across the world, it will be golden opportunity for the people who interns here.

And of course to all those people who are planning to Intern in Russia I would blindly suggest ProfIntern as your best choice. These people are not just a concern but will be a good friends and have lot of experience in hosting people from different parts of the world. ProfIntern hosted me very well right from the airport — receiving me, took me to my flat where I was supposed to live. Stop not — the next day I was surprised to see that Senior Manager Maria Lobanova was at my door steps to pick up me to the Language class and my office where I was supposed to work. She travelled me with the whole day making me so contented. members of ProfIntern team are always available and will be at your doorsteps if you need any assistance. I thank all the members of ProfIntern — Maria, Julia, Anna for your kind gesture and happy that my Internship ended on a high. Thank you! 

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