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My success story: how I launched my online boutique!


My name is Dmitriy. During summer 2016, I had an internship in Moscow organized for me by ProfIntern, in a well-established start-up company. During this internship, I worked with my manager on an amazing project dedicated to digital fitting room.

My host company was specialized in new technology, the products they are creating are 3D scanners that can scan people and objects in less than 1 minute. The second part of the Digital Fitting Room project was to use 2 scanners to scan people and provide them advice via email or SMS on apparel, style and brands that can fit them the best.

To be able to provide advice, we needed to build a database of apparels. We had to scan apparels in different sizes and from different brands. Firstly, I was in charge of finding models (girls and boys) of different ages and different sizes. Once I found the right people, my mentor gave me the responsibility to be their manager and make the creative work with them to achieve a great result. This project was a real success. There were long queues of people willing to try our technology. Seeing people’s faces full of surprise and happiness was amazing for me. It was the best reward!    

I definitely can say that I hugely appreciated the work with new technologies and the fashion world during this project.

After the experience in Moscow I came back in France to finish my studies (I had 2 more years of studies left before graduating), I wanted to create something which involves IT, Fashion and where I can see customers happiness and satisfaction.

Since being a teenager, I’ve been a big lover of watches and wanted to create my own brand of watches. However, I understood that that kind of objective would require a high amount of investment and it would be risky for an unknown brand to produce a watch collection.

I first decided to start my online store with my own brand Brother & Sisters in June 2017. I started then with only men accessories such as bracelets and rings. However, I understood that there are more women who are interested in fashion than men. Therefore, I decided to add women jewellery (bracelets, necklaces, rings…) to my online boutique. After that decision, sales increased significantly.

In September 2017, I started the last year of my studies in the same school but I specialised in Finance. And I also started an apprenticeship in Societe Generale (1-year contract). During that year, I had to deal with my business, my studies and work in Societe Generale as a Credit Risk Analyst.  

I had to deal with a lot of things at the same time, it was really hard to deal with all that. There were days when I could only sleep 4 hours a night.

There is no easy way to earn money, you have to work hard!

When I worked in the bank, I understood that it will be difficult to build a fortune by working there. You can spend your days on your work, and there is no guarantee that you’ll be rewarded for the work you did. This is why I decided to work hard on my business in order to make enough for my living and do what I like.

In July 2018, I finished my studies. In August, I finished my contract in Societe Generale and decided to leave France for Minsk (Belarus). A lot of people ask me how it is possible to leave Paris for Minsk. The answer is easy, during my internship in Moscow, I understood where my home is — in a Russian speaking country. My business allows me to live where I wish. I just need my laptop, my phone, internet and electricity.

At the moment I write this text, I am in the Belarus Model School where we are shooting the first video ads for Brother & Sisters. I have the impression of déjà-vu, which reminds me of the work I had in Moscow on the Digital Fitting Room project with the models.

It’s really crazy to see how the internship in Moscow impacted my life in a positive way. I’m really grateful to ProfIntern, the team of my host company and all the people I met in Moscow during my internship.

Author: Dmitriy Krestyaninov, Instagram account

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