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Artificial intelligence isn’t the technology for only IT solutions, it’s a great instrument for all the spheres (even including Human Resources. Interesting fact: according to the research conducted by Oracle and Workplace Intelligence, 75% of employees are ready to change careers based on the recommendations of robots. ⠀ That’s what the survey also showed: 📌85% […]


Creating a CV is the first step towards a career start. On this step, many young specialists ask the same question: how to make a CV clear and attractive for HR, if I have little experience? Save this post and we will post more advice for young specialists. And now we’re happy to share a […]


If you’re aimed at changing your career/lifestyle, this information will be useful for you! Searching for a mentor isn’t a straightforward process, so we want to share a few resources that can facilitate the search. ⠀ 📌Mentor Cruise ⠀ Mentor Cruise is a great platform that connects mentors with mentees from various fields like tech, […]

Sometimes, we face challenges, which aren’t always equal functional difficulties. What if you feel that the communication isn’t tuned well in the company? Or your supervisor overload you with unclear or unnecessary tasks? Or maybe, you’re not satisfied with your salary? The only solution is to deal with such difficulties, but how? We have 3 […]


LinkedIn is a famous network, that unites more than 700 million professionals from 55 million registered companies. Here you can connect with employers and get a new job or network with experts in your field to develop your own business. Nevertheless, when you just start using LinkedIn, it may appear quite confusing. In this guide, […]


As the world is becoming more and fast-paced, the labour market is constantly adapting to the new demands of employers and employees. Now it is not enough to have certain skills in a narrow industry, you have to pay larger attention to your digital and soft skills. According to a survey conducted by Deloitte in […]

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To make the students and interns as comfortable as possible ProfIntern writes blog posts about what it is like to do an internship abroad, learn Russian and how to get around in 
St. Petersburg, Moscow and other parts of Russia. Read about the public transportation and culture of Russia to get all the ins and outs when you are following your internship abroad or take one of the best Russian language courses in Russia. 


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