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You already know that Russians have a lot of holidays! So, foreigners may be surprised with how many weekends we have in January (usually, about 10-11). But what about other seasons? Spring is also rich in holidays, celebrations, and Russians really love this time. Let’s find out how many different weekends we have during this […]

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What can inspire people at any time regardless of their state of mind or circumstances? We have no doubts, it’s nature! You already know that there’s a lot to see in Russia: Sochi, Ural, Kamchatka, the Kareliya, etc. This list has no end, as Russia is rich in picturesque nature sights: lakes, mountains, rivers! Let’s […]


Watching cartoons in Russian is good not only for children, but for all the people who are interested in learning Russian. Indeed, watching cartoons in Russian is the first step towards your advanced level, and if you watch the first short series right now, you’ll get the maximum enjoyment and listening practice. So, let’s find […]

Everyone knows that Russian culture and history are rich for masterpieces! Music, paintings, sculptures, films still amaze even those who have already seen them many times. But what about modern art? This direction of Russian art also attracts much attention both from critics and the audience. Regardless of your knowledge and experience in modern art, […]

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Be you a tourist, an intern or an exchange student in Russia, you have many ways of improving your language skills when staying here! Let’s explore which of them are the most effective and practice-oriented! Live in a host family Living with a real Russian family is one of the best methods that will help […]


The Russian language is not only one of the most difficult but one of the richest for some peculiarities! Indeed, the Russian language is full of interesting insights and unusual facts that make it very curious. ⠀ 1️⃣The number of letters in the Russian language hasn’t always been constant. As you might have already known, […]

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To make the students and interns as comfortable as possible ProfIntern writes blog posts about what it is like to do an internship abroad, learn Russian and how to get around in 
St. Petersburg, Moscow and other parts of Russia. Read about the public transportation and culture of Russia to get all the ins and outs when you are following your internship abroad or take one of the best Russian language courses in Russia. 


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