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Learning Russian can be easier and way more joyful if you watch cartoons and films in Russian. We’re sure, it will make the process more pleasant and quite faster. Here we’ve listed some of the best cartoons, films and series made in USSR and modern Russia. Enjoy! Чебурашка и Крокодил Гена Cute story of a […]

Do you like extreme attractions or roller coasters? When travelling to Russia there’s definitely a lot to visit and see! We’ve collected here the descriptions of the best Russian extreme parks and attractions which you’ll like! Let’s see what are they! Divo Ostrov (Divo Island) This is an extremely cool complex in Saint Petersburg, located […]

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Quarantine measures have been taken in almost all the European and Western countries due to Coronavirus. Russia is not an exclusion here: Government announced the April and at least a half of May as non-working, so people have a lot of time to take up their hobbies, training and not only. So, what do they […]

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The deepest lakes, the longest rivers, the biggest forests… and also the highest mountains! All these phrases describe Russia and its rich nature. But you know that it’s better to see once! We totally agree with this statement, so, we’ve prepared a shortlist of mountain resorts which are definitely worth seeing! Of course, there are […]

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We’re sure that quarantine won’t last forever! So, it’s time to dream a little and think where to travel next time. Besides all the museums, galleries and monuments, Russia will certainly impress you with its majestic gardens, parks and nature. We promise, these places are worth visiting at least once in your life. So, let’s […]

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Foreigners believe that Russia is one of the most uncommon countries in the world. There’s definitely a piece of truth in these words. Russia has an unusual history, that’s why the national identity of the country is really outstanding, as well as people’s character and views. We want to tell you about the strangest things […]

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To make the students and interns as comfortable as possible ProfIntern writes blog posts about what it is like to do an internship abroad, learn Russian and how to get around in 
St. Petersburg, Moscow and other parts of Russia. Read about the public transportation and culture of Russia to get all the ins and outs when you are following your internship abroad or take one of the best Russian language courses in Russia. 


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