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2020 basically left us no other choice — all of the companies had to deal with the urgent need of moving everything online, and internships are no exception. Although it might seem like both the candidates and the employers have been struggling with this change of scenery, there are some quite valuable benefits of the […]

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If you’re still considering the advantages and disadvantages of interning in Russian companies, this post is for you. We’re sure that such an internship will give an unforgettable experience which is useful for both your career and self-development. Get an international experience and establish business connections If you’re dreaming of working in an international company, […]

Category: Programs, Russia

Did you know that sign language is not international? Surprisingly hearing impaired people from different countries cannot understand each other. And this fact poses many difficulties for these people when it comes up to interaction with other nationalities and of course travelling. But not for this guy. We would like to introduce you our new […]

Category: Programs, Russia

,» I requested ProfIntern to find me an internship in Russia and I was placed in Saint-Petersburg in the field of ecology and communications. Among numerous different tasks my favorite is teaching ecological issues at Russian schools for pupils. And here is a story how it goes.  On 3-4 May I had the unique opportunity to […]

Category: Programs, Russia

Here we post an interview with Karthikeyan Dharmarajan, an intern from India, who came for an internship to Russia with us twice — in 2013th and 2017th.   What inspired you to come to Russia for an internship for the first time in 2013 and now? First and foremost I am happy to share my experience about […]

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To make the students and interns as comfortable as possible ProfIntern writes blog posts about what it is like to do an internship abroad, learn Russian and how to get around in 
St. Petersburg, Moscow and other parts of Russia. Read about the public transportation and culture of Russia to get all the ins and outs when you are following your internship abroad or take one of the best Russian language courses in Russia. 


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