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Category: St. Petersburg

Whenever you go to Russia and particularly to Saint Petersburg, you’ll always find something interesting for yourself! And if you ask yourself ‘What to do in Saint Petersburg in autumn or winter?’, this article is for you! Winter Probably, this is the cosiest time in all the cities and Saint Petersburg is not an exclusion […]

Category: Russia, St. Petersburg

Russia is acknowledged worldwide for its great cuisine and unusual dishes! At the same time, Russia is not only about pelmeni, vareniki and borscht! Actually, there’re a great number of cafes and food centres where you can try delicious dishes from different parts of our planet. Let’s find out what to see and what to […]


Do you like extreme attractions or roller coasters? When travelling to Russia there’s definitely a lot to visit and see! We’ve collected here the descriptions of the best Russian extreme parks and attractions which you’ll like! Let’s see what are they! Divo Ostrov (Divo Island) This is an extremely cool complex in Saint Petersburg, located […]


You already know that Saint Petersburg is famous for its numerous museums and galleries. But do you know that there are also lots of peculiar museums in Moscow as well as in Petersburg? Some of them connected to the history whereas others are just so curious that it’s hard to imagine that such exhibitions exist! […]

Category: Russia, St. Petersburg

Many people say that underground in St. Petersburg is special. Why? Learn with us! The first and probably the most well-known fact is that city’s underground is the deepest in the world. When tourists come to saint Petersburg, they may be surprised with how much time it takes to get to trains. The average depth […]

Category: Russia, St. Petersburg

Winter is usually called “truly Russian season” and that’s for a very good reason! Oymyakon the coldest point in the world where temperature once reached the degree of – 77,8 C° is located in Russia. Every winter there’s so much snow in almost all the regions and especially in the Ural, Siberia and Central part […]

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To make the students and interns as comfortable as possible ProfIntern writes blog posts about what it is like to do an internship abroad, learn Russian and how to get around in 
St. Petersburg, Moscow and other parts of Russia. Read about the public transportation and culture of Russia to get all the ins and outs when you are following your internship abroad or take one of the best Russian language courses in Russia. 


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