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Program: Individual internships
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August 7, 2016
Olivier Hulin

Following a previous experience in Vladivostok’s Far-Eastern Federal University, where I intensively studied the Russian language, I took upon the challenge to come back to Russia with different objectives. Not only did I want to get work experience in a foreign country, but I also wanted to put into effective practice this language I learned in the workplace. ProfIntern provided me with such an opportunity, located in St-Petersburg.

Creative Agency was the company I was assigned to. While directly under the supervision of the Russian Council of Culture, it had a wide scope of projects related to events’ organisation. As an intern, I carried out many tasks related to various fields, ranging from compiling data on volunteer-tourism to promoting local artists’ exhibitions. The use of the local language greatly assisted me and was highly appreciated by my mentors. They made use of my language skills, assigning me to thorough works of translation, while taking into account my cross-cultural input. In doing so, they validated my communication and marketing skills. I highly valued the fact they made sure I was always involved in the ongoing projects.

As a whole, my stay In St-Petersburg was tremendous. I retrieved precious work experience, while living in one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Culturally and geographically, St-Petersburg offers astonishing landscapes and centuries of History at every corner. It was a privilege to participate in this ProfIntern program.

Olivier Hulin (Belgium)
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