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Program: Learn Russian and get professional internship in any field Language & Internship package: St.Petersburg

18 января, 2018

My Story started a bit differently than others. First I did not have to imagine to go travel and work in Russia, but one day I received the amazing opportunity to live this great experience — I mean having an internship in Санкт-Петербург! And I definitely have no regrets!

After my universities studies in Political Sciences, I wanted to develop my professional and speaking skills, especially in English, international issues and also learn another foreign language. I have to confess … Before this experience, I already was very attracted by the Eastern Europe’s culture and even more by Russian’s culture. It’s why I did not take a long time to make my choice: Go to Saint-Petersburg, the greatest and most beautiful city in Europe that I have ever known. And please, do not be afraid of the famous Russian winter, thanks to ProfIntern you will be prepared to face it. I only have to recommend you ProfIntern to help you with your Internship search. They quickly found me a great place to live in the city center very close to the Metro, they also provided me good advice for good place to visit, and finally they found me an internship fulfilling all my needs: a young and dynamic company working in new technologies sector, with very good English speaker colleagues.

But, what about my internship experience? It was a young and dynamic company making business through around the world. The Company was born in 2014 and has grown hugely during his early years. Now they are working In more than 27 countries and dozens of different cities! In these three months of internship, the main tasks allocated to me were:

1) Seek new potential investors
Duration : 3 weeks
I had to surf on the specific commercial internet website, or social network website like Linkedin to find potential commercials partners. I developed specifics internet skills of searching, for example, I had to use different software: “Novio” or “Thunderbird” e-mail box, But also many others. I also looked for new investors on different national economics website, for example, I usually tried to contact the different chamber of Commerce’s representative. Etc.

2) Update databases of existing customers
Duration: 2 weeks
Working with an Excel file of commercial customers, I had to update the company’s database. It wasn’t the greatest task to do, but it has to be done of course … and I also was there to learn this kind of stuff.

3) Contact potential investors with the mass email method
Duration 3 weeks
My mentor taught me how to contact dozens (or hundreds) of potential new investors simply with a specific internet software. Now I know how to contact hundreds of persons with a unique email address and I just need 1-click.

4) The main part: Develop a specific business plan for Belgium market
Duration 3 weeks
Finally, and it was my main task or project during my internship, I developed a full business plan for the Belgian market. You know each country has his own specific commercial law, tax laws, etc. So, sometimes it is not very easy and accessible for a foreign investor to import international goods or product into his own country. So I developed Excel files on the average profitability according to the taxes in Belgium as well as other factors like local energy costs, etc.

But all of these tasks or new professionals skills are nothing compared to the experience I lived … I cannot truly explain to you how much incredible it was to live in Saint-Petersburg during 3 (very short) months and I always remember this time with a touch of nostalgia. You will discover Russian theatres, culture, operas (you have to go in The Mariinsky Theater), restaurants (like Georgian or Ukrainian food), museums (I do not have to recommend you The Hermitage of course), bars … and so much more! During the whole internship, Anna and Maria from ProfIntern were constantly in touch with us, organizing reunions and excursions, asking for our feedback, and always proposing their help. I will never thank them enough for their help.

Michael Burette (Belgium)
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