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Program: Individual internships

26 сентября, 2018

My name is Angelica, I am an Italian girl, I am 23 years old and now I am going to tell you about my experience in Saint-Petersburg.

Thanks to ProfIntern, I could improve my Russian level studying in a great school, language partner of ProfIntern and interning in the Russian company of textile and design. In the school Russian lessons are very interesting. You do not learn only the grammar rules, but also speak and know how to interact in the speeches. 
As regard the internship experience, I am glad to have chosen the field of fashion. 
I was placed in a dynamic and professional textile design studio that provides custom printing services to designers, merchandisers, artists, manufacturers and sewers. They are also highly specialized in the creation and production of souvenirs and the huge part of their clients are the world-famous museums, galleries and art spaces. 
It was interesting to collaborate with them. The colleagues are young and full of initiative, and speak Russian with them has certainly improved my language skill.

During my Internship I was responsible for:

Developing a partnership between the company and European Museums 

Preparing materials for the exhibition MoOD + Indigo show in Brussels 

Creating content for the corporate Instagram account 

Participation in a photo shoot for the collection of exact clothing brand
It was also interesting to live for three months in Russia, especially in St. Petersburg. Similar to European cities, Piter has been able to surprise me about the efficient services and the people very open to meet you and help you.
When I arrived, I never thought I would find people so helpful and kind. Some people say Russians are cold and introverted, but I can tell you that they are very available and fun, especially with foreigners.

Lastly, I think that summer is the best time to visit St. Petersburg (also Moscow if you have time). There are many things to do and places to see. So, what are you waiting for?
I would like to thank ProfIntern who helped me achieve this amazing experience, for the pieces of advice and for the proposed activities. With ProfIntern, you never get bored!

Angelica Cattaruzza Dorigo (Italy)
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