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Program: Individual internships
Extra: Issuing the invitation for visa

10 августа, 2019

My second experience with ProfIntern.

My first trip and experience with ProfIntern to St.Petersburg in October 2018 was already successful and awesome! So I decided to do a second one in the same City. Career reasons and personal reasons lead me again to ProfIntern. They organized me an internship even in a better company than before. It wasn’t the direction of automotive engineering (the subject I study) but it was in a field of mechanical engineering. For my personal development was this company an important step. It was a small company and that helped me to communicate, discuss and participate more effectively. I was a part of a team and I had tasks which helped the company. I worked 8h a day and my tasks were clear and structured. My task was to develop and to construct a case erector. During this task, I learned about pneumatic systems, process automation and communications with potential costumers.

Russia is not that country we know from the news. It is a country of loving people who care about each other, regardless of race, history and circumstances. One time I was sitting in the metro and I got a nosebleed. Of course, I hadn’t had a tissue with me. But people noticed right away and they didn’t hesitate to help me and afterwards I had enough tissues for a whole month. I lived already more than two years in Russia and love this country, the people and the cities.

Even though I spend already almost 6 months in St.Petersburg, I didn’t yet explore everything. There is much more to see.

Yes, there are some parts of the city which seems unclean and dangerous (like in other cities, too) but I always felt safe.

ProfIntern helps to get every necessary information you need in order to have a successful internship in Russia. They provide informations about visa issues and housing. Most importantly they help to connect with a company of your desire and they make it easy for you to make friends and get connections.

Because of my last internship experience, I already got a job at my University as an Assistant.

I didn’t participate in much culture events but I did experience the daily life in Russia. An Experience I don’t want to miss anymore.

Alex Plettig (Germany)
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