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Program: Learn Russian and get professional internship in any field, Individual internships

19 сентября, 2018

During the last summer, I had the opportunity to make an experience (internship) in a Russian firm, which is involved in the field of automatic distribution. As this firm is relatively new in the market, also the members of the team were young. So, the atmosphere that we created was obviously professional but most important it was really enjoyable. I felt pleasant going to work and find kind people. My area of business was that of Business Development, so I was responsible to develop the network of the firm in Italy and in English speaking countries. In this way, I had the opportunity to personally getting in touch with potential partners of the firm via e-mail and telephone.

Before coming to Russia many people told me that this country is not the best place to live if a person does not speak a word in Russian. In my opinion, this is absolutely not true. Undoubtedly, in the beginning, it was really hard, but with the time, willpower and the help of Russian people I was able to learn some Russian and so to have a basic conversation with them. Talking about Russia, I totally fell in love with its culture, traditions and the amazing places (from nature to the cosmopolitan cities). As I did my internship in Saint Petersburg and being a passionate of Russian literature, while I was walking through the main streets, such as Невский Проспект, I had the impression of walking with the characters of the great Russian novels (for instance the titular councillor Akaky Bashmachkin from the novel “The overcoat”). Saint Petersburg is absolutely a stunning city, which gives strong feelings.

I choseProfIntern because I was looking for a reliable organization that could help me in finding a good internship. They answered all my questions, and although I contacted them at the last minute, they were able to find a firm that perfectly fitted my interests. I would surely recommend it.

Giuliana Viani (Italy)
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