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Program: Individual internships

15 февраля, 2019

Being in Russia for 6 weeks was one of the best experiences I had in my life. I loved every minute of it. Moscow surprised me majorly as it was completely different than what people have told me. Not all people were rude and mean. Though must admit Russians aren’t the friendliest to strangers, but I guess it’s how it should be right ? So I think I learned a lot from Russians. Even the man at work told me that if I wanna live in Russia I should know how to think and feel like Russians. I still don’t know what it really means but I hope I can at some point! Cause all the Russians I have met were very hard-working, smart and nice !! Russia is cold but honestly as a Turkish woman I can tell you that I got used to it pretty quick. I’m currently leaving Moscow without socks and only wearing one layer and when I arrived I was wearing 2 layers of socks and 3 tops! Though, the weather was so nice since the beginning of February, lucky hahah!

Profintern, through all my indecisive moments, helped me to find the right internship for me and I honestly do think that for what I wanted and who I am as a person the company was the right fit for me. Must admit it was scary and hard at the beginning as I really didn’t know what to expect and I was worried that they wouldn’t be friendly to me, but it turned out to be that I know could even travel the world with the people from work cause I love them HUGE AMOUNTS!! Also, I really liked Liden&Denz and I think it helped me improve my Russian majorly. I can say that I can speak a bit now and everyone was so nice at school. It was a very welcoming, friendly environment and I enjoyed being there. Anna and Maria are both very friendly and helpful and they made this adventure easier for me. I definitely would consider coming back or even think of finding a permanent job in Moscow ! (Hopefully hahah)

Birsu Karaarslan (Turkey)
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