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Program: Individual internships, Russian as a foreign Language & Russian Culture

17 декабря, 2019


Pi:  What was your internship connected with (field, tasks, industry of a company)?

CG: I worked for a non-profit organization whose focus on the popularization and research about arctic especially the technical and technological history and development of the Russian Arctic. The long-term goal of this organization is also involved in the creation of a museum exhibition center in an abandoned polar station across Russia and in the Arctic. 

Pi: What is your general experience about the internship part of the program (team, attitude, results, level of professionalism, immersion etc.)?

CG: This internship was really pleasant. The team was really friendly and since the beginning, I was integrated within a really professional team. From day one the team trusted me and my supervisor gave me a freedom of movement for the different task he had given me. Now, It is difficult to see the concrete result when the events will take place in 2020.  Moreover, we worked in a really nice office, close to the city center.     

Pi: Please, list the tasks you were responsible for during the internship and departments where you interned.

CG: The major part of my job consists of the translation of conference papers and other writing work, find conference speakers and establish contact with them. I was also involved in the research assistance.


Pi:  What were your stereotypes about Russia before the program? were they broken?

CG: The main stereotypes I had before coming to Russia were: the strong hierarchical structure and really traditional of the society and the cold behaviour of people. It’s difficult, after only a few months to judge a society, now I have met many warmly persons and within my job I didn’t really feel a strong hierarchical structure.

Pi: What is your general impression of Russia as a country, it’s people and mentality?

CG: Russia is an interesting country with a huge cultural legacy. People could seem a bit cold and distant in the first contact, but once the ice brake they are enthusiastic and friendly. 

Pi: Did you fully immerse in Russian culture? what did you like most?

CG: In three months, it’s complicated to feel fully immersed in Russian culture. Unfortunately, my spoken Russian was not good enough to permit me to be really involved in the culture. Now, I had the occasion to visit a few museums and other cultural events as a ballet at the Mariinsky theatre. My favorite aspect in Russia is the omnipresence of museums, and there’s a lot of interesting ones. As a passionate of music, I was also really charmed by the high number of jazz concerts in bars.


Pi: Why did you choose ProfIntern and how they helped you during the program? How can you evaluate their services? Can you recommend them?

CG: Profintern offers me an interesting proposal which suits really well to my attempts. They took care of my internship since day one from the end of it. They were also there to answer to help or advise me. I would highly recommend them to anyone interested in doing an internship in Russia like a Russian. With them, you could come to Russia with an easy mind.

Charlie Guffens (Belgium)
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