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Program: Language & Internship package: St.Petersburg

18 ноября, 2018

I am Zareta and I live in Belgium. I have just returned from Moscow where I had the opportunity to do an internship in a law firm during the last three months. Thereby I gained practical experience in a Russian company and, in particular, became familiar with the corporate culture of a Russian law firm.

I am of Russian origin and the main purpose of this internship was to use my knowledge of Russian language and culture and to develop this aspect of my profile to be able to use them in my professional life. Indeed, with this internship, I wanted to gain more professional experience, and more specifically, to get acquainted with Russian law, to enrich my professional and legal vocabulary in Russian, while having the opportunity to practice English.

For my internship, I joined the team of the corporate practice which was well in the continuation of my studies and my preferences.

On the place of internship, I was well received. Thanks to the professionalism and thoughtfulness of the colleagues, I was able to achieve the objectives that I had set before the beginning of the internship. Colleagues gave me various tasks, dealing with different areas of law and allowing me to practice the three languages: Russian, English and French.

Indeed, during my internship I mainly performed the following tasks:

doing a legal research ;
drafting of consultations on different issues ;
redacting an article about the novelties in Russian law ;
translating legal documents in English, French and Russian ;
accompanying a client to the notary to perform certain formalities ;
contact by phone various public bodies for various questions.
I also had the opportunity to take part in internal and external trainings on different topics and visit the Moscow Arbitration Court.

In general, this helped to improve my professional skills and, in particular, to study Russian law, to enrich the legal vocabulary in Russian while practising English.

During my stay in Moscow, I could see my old acquaintances, but also meet other very kind and open people who made my internship so rich. My colleagues welcomed me to their team and in case of questions, they have always been listening and ready to help me. I really appreciated the exchanges with them during the lunch break, where we could get away from the field of law and share our cultures. So, I learned a lot about Russia, while sharing Belgian culture.

Finally, I am happy to have chosen ProfIntern which understood my project from the start and found me an internship that matched perfectly what I was looking for. And I especially thank Maria for having accompanied me throughout my stay and for being kind and always available. It was reassuring to know that there are people I can turn to if I am worried. And, of course, I recommend ProfIntern to those who wish to do an internship in Russia and live this rewarding experience from a professional and human point of view.

Zareta Terchoyeva (Belgium)
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