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Program: Language & Internship package: St.Petersburg

24 октября, 2019

Great experience! I spent a month in SPT: I studied Russian language for two weeks and, at the same time, I worked part time in a big Tour Operator (internship in the language field). Classes at school were really useful, instead, at work, I mostly spoke English. That’s why, maybe, if there will be a next time, I would only study the language. Plus, at the workplace, they didn’t have a lot of tasks for me to do, but the few I did were interesting and stimulating. 

However, common everyday life situations (at pubs, supermarkets, asking for information..) are really useful to challenge yourself and use Russian.

Profintern staff was really kind and always available. I would absolutely recommend toа organize internship with them. 

The city is beautiful and there are so many places and thing to see, and you never get tired of walking by Nevsky Prospekt!

Generally, the experience is totally positive and I can’t wait to come back to SPT! 

Giulia Tinti (Italy)
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