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Program: Language & Internship package: St.Petersburg

27 ноября, 2014

Hello everyone, I’m Giovanni, I come from Italy and I came to St. Petersburg to make a training experience abroad. I state that in the summer I took a Russian language course in Derzhavin Institute and soon after I started to search on how to do an internship in St. Petersburg. I became aware of ProfIntern and I immediately contacted the manager, Maria Lobanova for a meeting. I had all the answers to my questions and I immediately thought about going back to St. Petersburg to make this internship, an important training experience to me. Maria has found me a very nice accommodation and interesting internship — a clinic that deals with rehabilitation. I am an instructor and therapist and right now I have integrated very well with director, doctors and trainers of this clinic, very competent people, and above all very kind. I’m learning new things, techniques, methodics and integration of my knowledge. All thanks to ProfIntern and Maria, who has always followed me from the very first day I arrived in St. Petersburg. If you want an experience abroad, do not think too much, Saint Petersburg is the ideal city, very beautiful and charming, and above all choose ProfIntern, a very serious and reliable company who will always support you and give you a great opportunity, and Mary will be always ready to help you at all times. I am very glad about this choice!

Giovanni Losito (Italy)
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