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My experience with ProfIntern

Program: Individual internships

24 октября, 2017

I consider my experience in Russia the best investment I already did in my life. I started my journey in an university in south Russia, there I worked hard for months to learn Russian language, but my dream always had been to find an internship, for a few weeks I thought that I would not realize it. So i typed «internship in engineering in Russia» on google and found Internship, when I called the agency and talked to Maria (hard working woman and great adviser) I got euphoric, cause they had just the right spot for me in Saint-Petersburg. After that it was more and more hard work to set things up, but I’m really glad that I made it.

For me, in Russia the time gone by very quickly, a year seemed like a month, I made friends and learned an important lesson : everything is possible!. A lot of people said me in the beginning that i could not speak Russian in an year, and that’s what I did!.

But afterwards I need to say that the richer experience at the end of the day were the professional experience in engineering field. I visited constructions, learned how Russian make their buildings, and thanks to Андрей, a teacher and a friend that guided me, I could see how engineering really works out of the classroom.

I just got back in Brazil and already miss Russia a lot.

Henrique Leoncini (Brazil)
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