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Program: Individual internships
Extra: Issuing the invitation for visa

21 декабря, 2019

About the internship:

I did an internship in an investment banking boutique as a mergers and acquisitions analyst intern. My overall experience is positive. I received a warm welcome on the first day, and the team in my department was very friendly. People get quickly interested in me, and a question that came quite often is why I have chosen Russia. The running projects were varied, and I have been in charge of deals researches, financial modeling, and reporting. A typical day could start at 9:45 am and finish between 7 pm and 9 pm. During this time, I mostly did excel modeling and of course, answer to requests from associates. For obvious reasons, a significant part of the work is in Russian, which means that the immersion cannot be total during meetings and technical work but is still sufficient. Thus, I strongly recommend being familiar with some financial terms in russian. You can expect a level of qualification, which is the same as in western Europe in an investment banking boutique as most of the collaborators previously worked for international companies, sometimes abroad.

Life in Russia:

I can’t say that I had stereotypes about Russia because it was not the first time for me in Russia. However, I expected an earnest attitude at work with a strong hierarchy, but it was not the case. The relation was mostly horizontal. Apart, the day to day life with Russians is pleasant. In the shops, restaurants, and all the places, they will help you if needed and be very respectful. Especially if you try to speak Russian, they will appreciate it. As Russia is a country with unique, strong values, the mentalities are driven by it. Thus, people are honest and say what they think, and they expected me to say what I think. I understood before to go that because there is no welfare, making business is necessary to get a decent life, and so people are incredibly resourceful. Thus, men tend to show that they are capable of getting things done. Family is essential, and it drives the behavior of many people. It is common to see families walking on sunday in parks, for example. On the other hand, in Moscow, for instance, you can find among young people behaviors far from traditions and mostly oriented on clubbing depending on the people you meet. The general impression that I retain is that life is smooth and comfortable in Moscow. However, life is quite expensive for someone who wants to thoroughly enjoyed Moscow. I find the public transport clean and efficient as well as groceries open 24/7. The wireless credit card is accepted everywhere. Goods are a bit cheaper than in Europe for the common ones. The city never sleeps, and there is always something to visit. Because I have met friendly Russians quickly, I have immersed in Russian culture and felt close to them. I have especially enjoyed the open mind of Russians and the beauty of the city.

About ProfIntern:

I have chosen Profintern because of the positive feedback that I have read. At each step of the program, they helped me. They propose their services for all aspects of the program, and so it is very adaptable to each individual. Mainly, I enjoyed the fact that I could communicate quickly and efficiently with them. Also, they found my internship promptly and so the process was not stressfull. I strongly recommend prof intern because of their knowledge of the Russian market; they can find the appropriate company for an internship according to the desire of each one.

Axel B (France)
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