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Program: Learn Russian and get professional internship in any field
Extra: 2-way airport transfer, Accommodation search, Issuing the invitation for visa, Information site-set, Excursion package

1 августа, 2019

I did my internship in a company producing organic fertilisers. I assisted the general director (small company) with market research and partnership opportunities finding.

I received a warm welcome from the team and was immediately integrated. I was assigned tasks but was also encouraged to provide ideas and create my own tasks.

I don’t believe I had stereotypes about Russia apart from those dating from USSR maybe. That said, I thought it was a cold country with almost no spring but summer seems to have arrived with me … mid-April! Having met some Russians students during my thesis abroad, I already had an insight into Russia and Russians. I confirm, they may seem cold at first but actually are not. If you need help, they will provide. The mentality is noticeably different but not entirely. I barely started learning the Russian language before going to Moscow, it was not always easy but I got by. I still feel like I can’t speak, haha!

I did not choose Profintern, my operator works with them, but overall it has been a good experience. They delivered what they were supposed to and I have no complaints. Thanks to them I also had the opportunity to meet other foreign young people like me.

I hope this satisfies your expectations. As for the pictures, I tend to stay away from them … Furthermore, I realise I do not wish that ProfIntern(or anybody actually) uses my image for any purpose.

Maxime De Smet (Belgium)
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