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My experience with ProfIntern

Program: Individual internships
Extra: 2-way airport transfer, Accommodation search, Issuing the invitation for visa, Information site-set

12 февраля, 2018

I did my internship in an institution that takes care of the preservation and of the promotion of the cultural and artistic heritage. My tasks were very diverse as they were executed for different departments.

At work, the atmosphere was good and my colleagues, as well as my boss, were sympathetic and interesting. I have been able to use my placement as an opportunity to enrich my knowledge of languages, of arts and history. Before I arrived, I had positive views on Russia and on Russians, but I must say they are even more positive now! I feel like my mentality is actually very close to that of the Russians and I really felt at home in this country. I loved the snow, the continuous animation in the city, as well as the elegant and inspiring outfits and the good and original restaurants.

I chose Profintern because I had heard about the professionalism of the company and I must say that I wasn’t disappointed. I am thankful to Profintern for all the tips provided, for all the entertaining and and interesting activities organised, for the support during all the duration of the internship.

Gratiane Isabelle Andrade Lourenço (Belgium)
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