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My experience with ProfIntern

Program: Individual internships

23 сентября, 2017

The internship was overall positive. On the one hand I quite enjoyed it because I had a lot of freedom. All my suggestions as to what I could do were accepted and I very much set the internship on my terms. The office I was placed in was also very friendly.

On the down side I didn’t feel like I had much support from my team whilst I was there. The two people who were ‘in charge’ of me in the placing company happened to be on a business trip whilst I was interning, so quite often it would take me a while to find out the answer to a question that I had. I do however recognise that is simply an unfortunate coincidence and both my mentors were ready to help me when they could, despite the fact they were busy abroad.

Otherwise the experience was a positive one. I wouldn’t recommend it for someone who had never worked in a film festival before, as I was very much left to myself and a first timer may find that slightly intimidating, but I enjoyed the freedom I had and met some wonderful colleagues along the way.

William Roberts (United Kingdom)
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