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20 ноября, 2013

I would like to share my thoughts as feedback for my Internship Program.Those words are very true and it is not fake.I feel very pleasure and warm to write this mail as a feedback.

Firstly the city. A nice place to live the life. Being Cultural Capital of Russia Saint Petersburg is a cool and pleasant city to live in. I have never seen such a beautiful city. Eventhough i haven’t visited many places but i love to come there work for my dream. I cannot work for the field in which i am not at all experienced and least interested. That’s what the only reason made me to exit the city and nothing else.. If i get another opportunity to work for any other i assure that i will spend my remaining part of my life in OUR cultural city.

2.Cultural Experience
The most important thing i admire in Russian people is that they respect me very well. They helped me in many ways to survive there in the city. Whenever i ask some help to somebody they never hesitate to help me and even more some tried very hard to explain me, they repeated to make me clear till i understand them.

The Organization which paved way for my carrer. Thank you Very much for your Support and Belief on me. I made my dream come true to work for a Foreign Company. And i am sorry that i couldnt continue it unfortunately. Because being zero knowledge in that field i do not want to work in that. And especially i need to thank Maria Madam who accomponied me the first day, you spent your valuable time for me the whole day then Mr.Zhenya the Calm man who received me in the airport and helped me to reach my flat helped me to know some important cities banks in the city. Thank you so much sir. And last but not least My dear Friend JULIA for her effort to bring me there to the city. You made my Dream come true. Thank you a lot for helping me in many situations. A whole hearted thanks for all the things you have done me. Thank you ProfIntern without you i could not have been able to Start my carrer.

To be frank really want to come to Petersburg again guys. Will you help me please?? I need to work for my dream there in the beautiful city. I am really very much interested to come there again as soon as possible. My target is to arrive there in JANUARY.. With a new job. Dreaming about my future in Petersburg.

Karthik (India)
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