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Program: Individual internships

25 апреля, 2018

My name is Chie Inui and I am a student from Japan. I decided to stay in St. Petersburg in Russia in my spring vacation not only to improve my Russian language skills, but also to know Russian real life by myself. I stayed there for 6 weeks. In the first 3 weeks I studied Russian at the school and in the latter 3 weeks I did my internship in the Japanese tourism agency.

The chosen language school was good for me. I had normal group lessons in the morning and I had free time after the lessons. My group was not so big and I had many opportunity to speak Russian, which helped me to have confidence in my Russian. Also, it was good that I had a lot of time to go to many museums after the lessons. I think you cannot understand Russian culture without visiting museums. Every museum has its own atmosphere and I knew a lot about Russia from many perspectives.

My tasks in the company were various and although I worked as intern only for 3 weeks, I had known almost all systems in tourism in the end of my internship; documents for visa, hotel booking system, registration of trains and Wi-Fi router, planning programs, translation of tourism texts, etc. It was pleasant for me that the atmosphere in the office was not so strict, all the colleagues were sympathetic and helped me to understand the new systems better. I felt that they really like their work connected to Japan, and I was happy that they always tried to know better about Japan, although Japan is quite far from St. Petersburg.

It was my 4th stay in St. Petersburg, but it was first time for me to stay for such a long time. Every time when I stay in this city, I feel how kind Russians are. Although they seldom smile in the city, they always help other people, when they have problems. Also, there are many cultural spots in this city and I think it was beneficial for me to know Russian history and culture, visiting to various museums. I knew the ProfIntern through my Russian acquaintance, with whom I stayed when I visited this city before. The people in this company were caring and it was really reliable for me. Of course, I would like to recommend this internship program to people who want to get not only language skill progress, but also working skills.

Chie Inui (Japan)
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