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Program: Individual internships

6 ноября, 2019

I came to Russia for an internship in Tourism and Hotels in Saint Petersburg and to explore the Hotel industry through working at a 4 stars Hotel Front Desk.

My tasks were:

  • Support the productivity of the Front Office Desk through reviewing documents and check in daily tasks.
  • Answer guest’s emails in Russian and English.
  • Preparing information for pre-arrival letters for the hotel’s guests.
  • Tanslate information from Russian to Spanish.
  • Learn about Russian laws, local hotel legislation, technical terms and rules.
  • Check Visa registration documents.
  • Work with Hotel PMS (Property Management System) and websites.

Although my internship was at the Front Desk, I had the great chance to know Housekeeping, Sales and Restaurant departments and also I trained a couple of days in a small partner hotel, so I got a wide view of the Russian Hotel Industry, what it was my main goal.

The Hotel Team welcomed me from the beginning and made me feel at home. Front Desk Manager, my mentor at the Hotel was highly experienced and well knowledge and all the colleagues were always ready to explain and answer all my questions and always listened to my point of view.

During this month in Russia I have plenty of time to explore the wonderful city of Saint Peterburg full of museums, art, many beautiful churches and charming river channels. Overall, Profintern do their best to find the best Internship placement for me, considering my expectations, experience and goals and I would definetly recommed them to everyone who is thinking about doing a Russian Internship as I’ve got high valued experience for my future Hotel Career and an amazing experience for my life.

Thank you!!!

Lucia Perez (Spain)
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