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Program: Individual internships
Extra: 2-way airport transfer, Accommodation search

31 октября, 2019

About the internship

I had such a great experience in internship in Russia. If I have a chance, I would like to intern again. 
Personally, it was my first time doing an internship and I was very nervous at the beginning but the workers and boss in the company were nice and treated me as part of the community. Everything was the first time for me but I really enjoyed especially using the new technology AR. The time shift was very flexible so I did not need to go to the company so I was working at the cafes as remote work so I had plenty of time to tour around the city. My main job was researching and marketing. However, my major does not relate to marketing so I was quite nervous but the company taught me everything and I believe that everything that I learned from the company will help and build my future carrier. 

About life in Russia

Before staying in Russia, I heard Russia is not a safe country compared to my country and even the police do not help you. Also, I heard Russian people are cold and do not smile. So I was imagining that Russia is a little bit scary place but after I stayed there, I realized that was a stereotype. It was true that some Russian people do not smile often but it does not mean that they harm you or threaten you. Also, not all of the Russian people do not smile, I saw many Russian people who smiled. Even when they do not smile at you, you need to understand the culture. In fact, people were nice and did not laugh at my broken Russian language. They tried to listen and were kind and polite. 

About Profintern
I found Profintern from the Website (go abroad). The service was good so I would recommend it.

Hortensia Ayaka Kawada (Japan)
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