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Program: Individual internships

28 января, 2019

My name is Declan Clarke I grew up in Australia Sydney, I have graduated with a diploma in applied physic at the University of Technology Sydney. I joined the Profintern program because I wanted to experience in my field while learning about Russian culture. I am interested in physic and software.

The placement that I am with current, is an interesting start up looking at being one of the first to break the market for full body scan 3D modelling. Throughout my internship I aim to learning implementation of agile, for companies with technological focus. I want to learn how companies can change the direction of certain task to the current needs and how to identify problems and solve them swiftly to provide a working product. Key skills that I would like to take away from working here is organisation, programming and engineering.

I want to train my Organisational skills preparing and prioritising task so that I will be able to more effectively use my time.
Failure, failure is the key to learning if you fail once and learn they it is more important then any textbook exercise.
Programming in my opinion will by the new second language and an invaluable skill in the coming future at the beginning of this trip I will have very limited know, I have met the people around me and have found that I am surrounded by very talented and knowledgeable codes with massive amounts of experience that I will learn and be able to apply myself like them.

Completed weekly group meetings to plan for future projects that will expand global coverage.
Participated to standardise the 3D Modelling standards, and international ways to measure scans for fitting virtual clothes.
Assigned task to be taught how to assembly of 3D scanners, putting together millimetre accurate engineered components for easily mobile designs.
Conducting research to produce software functions. These software solutions will encourage future standardisation of the 3D format in the company.
Apple phone integration and compatibility for Mobile scanning solutions.

Declan Clarke (Australia)
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