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8 января, 2017

After having spent 5 years studying Russian at university I felt the need to go to Russia and to practice my Russian language, that’s how I discovered ProfIntern as it offers the opportunity to learn Russian but also to work in a company and get a professional experience and that was exactly what I was looking for.

I made my internship at one of the most famous and the biggest museum of contemporary art in Russia, located in Saint-Petersburg. When I was suggested about this place I was very excited and nervous at the same time because I didn’t know much about contemporary art. I found out that it was a very popular museum not only in St Petersburg but also in Russia and every feedback I read on Internet was positive so I was eager to come and discover this place. When I arrived here I met my mentors who warmly welcomed me, then I was introduced to the members of staff, and I must tell that I was surprised by the number of people working here and also by the building itself, a huge building from the soviet period.

My job here as an intern included different tasks such as translation, redaction of small articles about contemporary artists or piece of art, monitoring (collection of information from projects and programs for different purposes). Since I arrived here my mentors always tried to involve me in all different projects and events occurring in the museum. For example, I participated at the preparation and the installation of the Fellini exhibition, I discovered how an exhibition was organized, I almost followed every steps of the preparation.

After only 2 weeks I felt comfortable at my job and I really enjoyed my tasks there. My internship was really a rewarding experience.

As far as my stay in Saint Petersburg is concerned, my room was located in the center of city near the Moskovsky station, it was a perfect place to live in as it was convenient to go to work thanks to the bus station and the metro station located near my place. Moreover, there were many shops, restaurants and bars where I could spend time with my friends and meet people.

I really enjoyed my stay in Saint Petersburg as it offered me the opportunity to practice my Russian besides I had the chance to meet amazing people and I hope to meet them again! Moreover, I really fell in love with Saint-Petersburg, this city is incredibly beautiful and I loved spending my time wandering the streets and discovering what the city has to offer to its visitors. I will never forget my experience in Saint-Petersburg! Thanks a lot ProfIntern!

Romina Laurent (Belgium)
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