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Program: Individual internships
Extra: Accommodation search, Issuing the invitation for visa

17 августа, 2018

This year I’ve decided to do an internship and a language course in Saint Petersburg to get some working experience and to practice my Russian as well.
About the internship: I worked in a tourism company and I loved it! I had to translate their site, communicate with clients, and correct the excursions. While I was working there, I’ve got not only professional experience, but I’ve also worked with super nice colleagues! They helped me to improve my professional skills and my language skills as well. I was so lucky, I couldn’t have asked for more.

In this regard, I have to thank a lot ProfIntern that have made this experience possible. They were always so kind, reliable, willing and ready to help me. I’m really happy I chose them to organize my internship!

As for Russia itself… I’m falling in love with this country, its culture (in which I had a full immersion since I lived in a Russian family) and its language more and more; can’t wait to come back next year! Here I met lots of amazing people and I had wonderful days.

I think that this journey helped me to mature and I’m really satisfied because it gave me more than I expected.

It was a wonderful experience on all sides, difficult to explain just with words, and I strongly recommend it!

Giulia Giannetti (Italy)
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