My experience with ProfIntern

Program: Language & Internship package: St.Petersburg

30 августа, 2015

I wanted to get working experience and chose Russia due to my previous studies related to Russian language, literature and culture. I love Russian culture and people and it is not my first time here. Current TV news had no effect on my choice, whatmore I know from my previous experience that stereotypes are mostly false, and also Russian people are very nice and very close to Italians. I was mostly curious about how people work there, behave in the business environment, and all things considered I got what I came for, I learned a lot in these few months there.

I am happy I chose ProfIntern as intenship and langauge provider in Saint-Petersburg. In general, the process with the application went easily and all the procedures and support during my stay was very good. They found me an internship with meaningful tasks and really listened to my wishes and requirements during the application. So, at the end I am very happy with the results and I am sure that all the personal and professional skills which I gained there will be very useful for my future career and life. I met new friends of course, and also my mentor was very nice and attractive person and we discussed lot’s of things which helped me to better understand the culture and people.  

During the language course, my Russian improved and I was able to use it within the company for work and inner communication. So, I had the opportunity to handle tasks in both — Russian and English languages. 

Dolce Jehudith Bassani (Italy)
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